My blog is not my business

(Reposted… and… I realise that the layout I mention here is not the same as my current layout. I still hate everything do and make though. Aesthetics are important to me, I just have garbage visual taste.) is my website. But the landing page is to promote myself and my services. It’s more of a means of personal fund-raising so I can do… that thing that I do.

I know it’s fucking inconsistent and variable. I have heaps (to me) of followers but they’re following me for different reasons. They resonate with PART OF ME, but not all of me. And that is perfectly fine and reasonable. That is normal. Haha.

But me? I’m not so distinctly defined. People say I have to stop sitting on the fence. Well bitch, I’m not sitting on the fence. I AM THE FUCKING FENCE. Which side of me are YOU ON?

So there are a whole bunch of things I want to study, I want to explore, I want to learn, and I want to write about. And this blog? Being on WordPress? Think of this as the back entrance. You read all my ramblings and blah blahs, they’re echoes down a corridor and you follow them to this door. This glass door. You see me, you hear me, you like or don’t like. Maybe you put a little marker by the window so you know how to come back here. Some of you are really intrigued so you come inside (click visit) and have a browse around. And then you go on your way.

It’s all good. I don’t mind. That’s seriously why I’m writing it all up on the internet anyway. For it to be seen!

But for all my “spirit” – enthusiasm and passion are not the same as practicality. I would absolutely LOVE to merge these two parts of myself….

I want my mind and spirit to generate revenue. Rephrased, I want to be able to support myself financially through doing what I want. And what do I want?

  • To research mythology, spirituality, religion, anthropology, metaphysics, metaphilosophy.
  • To write about my own personal experiences, philosophy, psychology.
  • To do tarot readings and consult with people. Have people come to me with their issues and I help if I can.
  • To teach. I just want to teach. But to teach people who actually want to learn.

This blog is free. Absolutely. Everything goes up on here anyway! Hahaha. I wouldn’t dream of trying to capitalise on “my thoughts,” if they’re so damned precious I’d keep them to myself.

No, I want a way of supporting my continuation of contribution. I want to be part of the continuous communication between spirit and self.

And I know it seems like I’m separating myself from everyone else in this regard. But it’s the way that I feel separate from others. I am whole and I am complete and I am happy. Even if I am really fucked up, a completely unreliable narrator. But I know how I *feel*. And for as much as I feel separated from the world, i could not give a Fuck. Because I’m whole. There are no broken pieces inside me, just my body. My body can’t handle me. Haha.

I want to share my wisdom. But I’m not a content generator. I don’t have content (at least not yet). I’m a teacher, a facilitator. The content I have is for English teaching, and I’m not one for pointless repetition. I can certainly help you with any work you might want, but that’s not the only thing I want to do. I can just so easily send you links to where I learn shit, Google.

I’m an “armchair expert” on spirituality. A recognised expert on education. An honorary expert on parenting. I just want to be able to bring these 3 areas together.

I want my insides to match my outside.

Originally posted 3 October 2018 // Republished 6 March 2019 // 9 June 2019

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