Rerun 012: Shuddup

19 August 2018

Shut up stop talking stop thinking

At least not to gym. Not about you. Talk to gym about Jim. Do not talk about you.

You are internal, do not externalize it.

Where you clash, do not heal. Ge does not want it.

You are useful. Be that.

Adoration? Gratitude? From him not will you receive.

Ge is tired. Of you. Let gem rest. From you.

This is your inner journey away from there. Your inner descent, stripping you bare.

It’s okay. It will be necessary.

You have to trust.

Let it go. Let it go. Stop checking on it. It will come.

What will come? What am I letting go?

You don’t have to know because you must trust.

I’m scared because I’m alone. Not physically, but emotionally. The descent of the emotional self. Let go of your emotional self. Forget the emotionless be the emotional no emotion

It will emerge again only when it is ready and healed? … I dunno?

The denoue.

I take a bow.

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