Rerun 009: Perception skill natural 20

18 August 2018

Is that my genius? My special talent? My perceptive skill so sharp and subtle, I can see beyond… because I can see.

I perceive without judgement.

This is all thought and mind and mentalism. It is mercurian by nature. Thank you Mercury, Hermes, Thoth, Lucifer, Uranus. Any deity or entity associated with the quickening of the mind, corresponding with air and/or fire. Divine inspiration spurred on by thought.

But it is not just perception isolate. Perception WITHOUT judgement. Pluto and Hades and Satan and God and Eternity… the eternal “judge” does not need to judge, he is satisfied. Venus, the evaluator, the lover, the inspiration, the beauty who wanted to also be loved for her mind… they have found each other and they are at peace.

Thank you Aphrodite, thank you Lilith, thank you Isis, thank you Hecate. Thank you for your gift. Thank you for my beauty, my luck, my mind, my intuition, my internal power. Thank you for these gifts but also for granting me the wisdom to treat this … whatever it is… with the respect and awe it deserves. I know it is mighty and it is difficult to wield and I know it is necessary… thank you Ananke.

But what do I do now? I’m not original or creative, I distinctly lack direction and boundaries. They are essential parts of my spirit. That make me, me. What do I do with this power? Kalliope, the great muse, inspire me with … you. I know how to channel you. But … we need a new god to inseminate us with the seed… that must be grown…. a sexy spiritual 3 some.

Thank you again. Thank you all of you dear readers, and volunteers who offered part of their energy to this thought form. Let us all focus on the mind form… to inspire my creative child? Let’s mind fuck and make a fucking magical powerful and loving astral entity. I need energy to draw from to continue as I do, to give as I do and be the best that I can be… symbolic mutual masturbation. Empowered even further when we align our bodies with our minds.


– kill yourself –

your arrogance and self absorption and narcissism is a mockery for everything we have ever adored in humanity.

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