Keyself through the 4 worlds

Listen, do you you want to know a secret? An them for anni kyrios. The sound of the broken. Phoenix, The butterfly effect.

Knocking on the door, thumping with cries and fists. What’s the password? Thy mine sofia moral moria.

It’s a secret. I don’t say. Just shut your mouth, hands sew lips hard end zip line tuck and roll. Rock stone stop. Close the cave with a boulder. Stop moving it away.

To too many worlds. From so many words. They know the feeling. The no wife razor blade is tiny hesitation.

Fuck it. Stop it. Slow down not, speed up dot. Fade fade fade fade blister peel callous band aid banned aiode band it aid tide flood wash away bury sublimate sublime blight me bight bitten hide sunshine all around the calypso

Spider unbite go gwen instead not Peter. Salt of the wealth. Nitre. Ignite. Flame and scream okay hard rock petrified dignified dead and holy asleep eternal free some dome done si fig height climb fall smash floor beyond fill cover forget forget forgo forge fraud

Headache. Bellyache. Heartache. Forsake forsooth forlorn fore four for phor phone own ³wem drown out un

4 thoughts on “Keyself through the 4 worlds

    • Kalliope says:

      I have the key. Always had that with me. But… lol, dude, where’s my car? 😂 hitchhiker rides through the galaxy, jumping on and off thought trains that may or not be stopping. My immaterial bodies are not what they used to be. Trying to remember/recognise my ride that allows be safe, speedy and secure passage between here and my origins. So far on the outside that it seems backwards, upside down and inside out.
      Damn you chariot! Or was it a boat, or a beast or a bypass I last rode in on?
      It is the heart of my one true love. That’s what I’m here for. I may have broken it and I am desperate to repair it. Find all it’s pieces and anneal them anew in the blacksmiths bellows, the forge from all praeternatural beginnings.

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