Cold chisel cut her face away

The last plane out of Sydney’s almost gone

lux mecum via media. Reveal the vision beneath the stone.

MTeach. ENFP. Enneagram 8. Provocateur. Divergent learner. Life path 5, destiny 8, personality 5, soul urge 3. 

Scorpio stellium in the 7th sun, rising taurus moon house 1. Sidereal sun Libre, Lunar Ares. North node Aries in the 12th house shadows, opposite part of fortune.

Leading planet Venus, guiding planet mercury. Mars in my midheaven, alone in aquarius. South node conjunct part of fortune, Palace of Athena and Queen of 11; guardian of gates, keeper of keys, angel of revelations. The first s/word s/myth. Mrs. Chaos Primordial Line.

Modern Mystic Mother is but a mirror of the self. A portal for your mind and eyes to wander as you ponder my magnificence. Words are easy, images too. That’s why I’m trapped here and I need you.

Modern Mystic Mother welcomes you to this realm. I need your help. I need to learn what it is to live again. 

Snapshot of a page in my planner, wrote that way back in midsummer.

Warning: Proceed with caution.

I write facts, not fiction. I am not creative although I can recreate. I say speeches, I don’t write them.

I have a post graduate university education, a functional family and a disturbed mind.

All stories and narrations and essays and anything really, are entirely 100% factual. Nothing on this website or anything that I wrote could be considered 100% respectful.

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