A tarot spread to mind my business

Performed a tarot reading for myself. To help remind me of what the heck I’m still doing here. To help guide my way, gimme some indication of where I am going, what to look out for, when will I know I am where I’m to go.

Cards drawn 1st June 2019, using the Zillich deck (Thoth based tarot system).

Performed the first operation: significator located in the 4th pile. Earth.

10 cards drawn.

Interpretation not given. Not written. Felt, tender, personal, unsure, special, need time to process before proceeding…

These cards are my own. I leave them here to show you. They may or may not resonate with you, or let them inspire you with your own understanding.

The Sun. 8 of pentacles. The Hermit. Page of Swords. King of Swords. Queen of Pentacles. Ace of Wands. The Moon. 6 of pentacles. 3 of pentacles.

We all know I’m the sun. I’ve said that numerous times here on my site. It’s the only thing I know me to be, that I am. But besides being a shining light (that burns away decay, but also gives off radiation… I’m sorry I make you sick. I’m sorry, so very sorry for the way that I am… I cannot blip out of existence though… They won’t let me snuff out my life…) I don’t know what else to say, or do, or go.

I just do as I do. I leave my trail behind for you. If you run, you can catch up to me. I’m the captain, easy. But there are many stops and detours and traps and blockades along the way.

When it is your turn to take the helm of your fleet, if you lived a moment of my life, then you will know the qualms: difficulty of seeing and deciding who keeps breathing.

Ugh, poetry. Prose. Poisonous poems. Peripatetic philosophies pathetic. My purpose, my path, all phosphorescent prayers. Polyhymnia, please, plain and prosperous. Pave the pages phenyl plasticity.

Phonemic preformer, pointed puns, philosophers precipitate. polyEstar quince.

6 thoughts on “A tarot spread to mind my business

    • Kalliope says:

      Remember my sun and your moon are 1 degree of each other, antares. The heart of the scorpion. In myth, antares was created to kill orion because of his arrogance. It is supposed to be anti-mars, or like-mars. So much symbolism and layers of interpretative meaning. The duality and complimentary qualities of the sun and the moon, too. 😎


        • Kalliope says:

          I work at a high school, casual employment, but I’m basically there everyday. I also work as a tutor 3 evenings and all saturday.
          I really wanted to just focus on my writing and stuff, so I can use my time more efficiently and produce an income through my writing and mentorship. However, I don’t have a product to promote. I’m just being me, doing my thing, which is hardly marketable in any conventional manner without coming across as a fraudster. Everyone is different and have different needs. You know what I mean?


        • Kalliope says:

          Hah, my life is hardly important or significant. Nor that interesting. I wouldn’t know what to write about myself, anyway. Which is hilarious since I only seem to talk about myself. I want to write something helpful and useful, not so self serving. And ridiculous that inspiration to write strikes at the most inopportune times.


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