Rerun 004: Sleep to hard reset

14 August 2018

Once upon a time I knew exactly who I was,

I recognised the immense power and potential within me.

I was able to create magic not only for myself but for others,

I was able to bend the world to my will.

I recognised the necessity for all of my limitations and

Ramifications unto the world if I be without them.

I was slain and had to rest.

I had to sleep to heal.

In this coma of sleeping and healing I have forgotten what I had learned…

Like a dream, it has faded into distant memory.

Like a dream, I question if it existed to begin with.

Do I follow the breadcrumbs again? Or do I not?

I cannot waste my energy and might chasing

The same damn tail over and over again

Only to have it removed from my grasp each time.

A different approach must be taken

If the findings remain still true, then I will know it was always true.

This is where I think I began. Or this is what I had at the beginning….

I have a thing for words. I enjoy learning of esoteric topics.

Numerology, astrology, symbolism, tarot, divination.

I’m good at maths and at writing. I want to create but lack creativity.

I like psychology. I’m complex and contradictory.

I want to give. I want to be given to.

I like to teach, I like to learn. I am an educator.

I like magic. I like role play.

There are probably more but I don’t remember their importance?

This list is not exhaustive.

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