Ktheonic s/word s/myth

Words – spear – (re)mind – bind/bound – bleed, heed. Freed, redeemed. Bled re(a)d. Waters of life leak out your eyes, clouded concoction brings clarity.

Bloodshot eyes dried.

Wipe away trickles of tears, rip and tear whiter wrists. Horse hooves at your heels, hoof it, hoofer. Dance the dense danse macabre.

Beast beats ego death.

Scarred beads, sacred blood, scared babe, doth bell knocks. Scapegoat bleats, knave wit/h/er knife from navel to throat. Guttural glossolaly, gargoyle karaoke.

Bloody divine… mar ego|eye jew ~s~z~ /|\|/ ?!iIlL1>x+=-

Weeeeee! Spinny!!!! A whirly-ma-jiggy of tangled knowledge knotwork of nonsense. Popeye the sophistic philosopher, eating green iron leaves, wisdom I found inside deus can-ti cake n bake bacon treats.

Bellum, cere, moody doom booms.

Discern the meaning, divine my reason. Hail thee, my heart thumper bambi! Pepe le flower and the pin-strippy painted kitty. Lasers pew-pew. ANTE, ANTI!k tock, it’s oçlocks glock.

Careful, now. You cut the wrong wire and your brain will explode.

Macaronic macaroni, they call me macarena! Haha, the voice of Mariel. Mumbling mermaid wants to sing like Ariel. No angel am I, but a wailing siren. AAAWWWWWW-EEEEEEE-IIIOOOOOO-WWWWW-EEEEEE-OOOOO!

bonus brain benders

Gallery of 11 images previously posted on my blog. Draw the dots, make the connections. Learn the way of divine interpretation. Arcane knowledge is as profane as propane.

Serious spiritual satire, spoken and sung by a serpentine satyr. Kit+sun+nix. Break apart the discs of this kat. Spit out bullet shells, walk aeon them burners.

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