Concrete foundations to my stone cold POV.

The world keeps perpetuating the concept of religion because it is rigid and firm – a skeleton to hold them up when they may want to lay down and die.

It is too difficult to maintain strength in the face of self doubt and fear. Well, it is if you struggle with niggling “demons” (negative sense of self worth/value/esteem etc).

I like to pretend I am god, or speak on behalf of some greater power. But I don’t. I just speak for myself. I want there to be more to my existence, but the more I peer out into the great unknown, the more I question my own experiences and feelings…

Hope? Dreams? Aspirations? Goals? Community? Being “chosen”? Loved by some inexplicable force somewhere out there? Delusions of grandeur. Psychosis.

I walk a twisted road, a moebius strip is my way around this world. It’s all I’ve known, and I am on repeat over again… every lifetime. Every cycle, every epoch. Enoch knock-knocking the door.

Psychopath points a nail gun your way comes. Am I fixing your door? Nail the sign into the jamb, painting the doors with red. The red of whose blood stains the wood above your head?

My hands, I’ve been caught. They are rouge rogue. My palms are open…

How do I keep ending up like this? Round about introductions that steer readers further away from my intention. It is not my intention to be so circumspect. I am trying to show you how to find me, where I am to reach me.

Follow down the rabbit triskelion. The drainpipe hole to the whole pole… out you go.

A hollow void going up or going down. Do you like elevator music? I’m going to sing the doom song now. Please sir, will you sign? Label sticker affix to your breast. Pocket.

The world needs something to believe in. I will give them something they can believe in. For I am real. I exist. I am here. This is me. This is my central, crystal like christ guide to living.

These are my beliefs. The core of my spirit and personal philosophy.

Core principles of the new Khrist (me)

  1. Jesus died for your sins, you may as well make it worth his time.
  2. Pleasure is good, you don’t have to be a martyr for it.
  3. Sex is natural and normal. It is powerful because it can be used to control people.
  4. Any addiction can be used as a means of control.
  5. No matter what you do, be informed! Arm yourself with information and knowledge. Otherwise you just look like a dickhead or arsehole.
  6. One mistake shouldn’t hold you back from trying again.
  7. Have context! Know what you’re talking about before you make judgements.
    • If you’re in an argument, at least make sure you are both arguing about the same thing. Most of the time it’s poor communication.
    • You don’t know everything, you never will, who cares. Perspective.
  8. There’s no escaping life and death. It is a perpetual cycle. Stop being such a sooky baby. Everything is inevitable.
  9. Know yourself. Trust yourself. You are you. A complex creature, you are more than the sum of all of your parts
    • You are more than your mind, your intellect, your heart, your soul, your body.
    • You aren’t just what you do, what you like, how you act.
    • Are you only an electrical impulse, inside a brain, inside a skull, inside a meat suit?
    • Are you only a soul, inside a heart, inside a rib cage, inside that same meat suit?
    • Are you only a physical body, a mass of cells, a mass of flesh and gore, an animal motivated by survival and continuation of the species?
  10. Free your mind. What are you afraid of? What’s important to you?

Convert or shun or criticise or shimmy your self against the non-believers.

I cover you in fire of my love and light and loquacious lalalalas. Blahlalavalabla. Blessings and burps and boobies and biscuits.

Are you now a Kimion? Only if you follow my cult of Kim. To be fair, I really need to work on the visual appeal and shit… ah well. Whenever I “omg idea! I am reminded of a thing I once wished to achieve!!” – it’s usually inopportune timing for I need to get ready for work…

Support me, your most accessible archangel. Keeper of keys, Guardian of gates, heart-scribe of memories. Contact me for a tarot reading, or other type of consultation.

I need money and human interaction to validate me. As well as to pay for the high costs of living in Sydney…