A parenting blog?! Mythical mother

My million dollar idea, when I first conceived of writing a damned blog, was to write a parenting blog! Because we don’t have a million other of those stupid things!

What grounds of authority do I have to stand on? What would make my blog so damned special above all the other blogs?

  • My husband and I are both “indigo children”
  • Our daughter is a “crystal child” (or an indigo child)
  • Our son is a “rainbow child” (or a crystal child)
  • I’m a high school teacher; I have a master’s degree in teaching.
  • In my bachelor degree, I had a double-major in Education.

Behold! I am a parent and thus entitles me to tell other parents what to do!

Which is damned funny because I despise being pigeon holed as a mother. There is so much more to me than that. Now I’m not denigrating the role of mothers. Mothers are necessary in this world! Omg mothers are wonderful. They nurture life within their bodies, and once the life is outside of them, they nurture these tiny beings into adulthood to contribute to the continuing development and furthering of the greater collective. It’s beautiful!!

I get complimented for how great my kids are. Now not just “you have a good kid” sort of stuff… My friends and I joke about my children ruling the world, it would be easier to just give my daughter whatever she wants now to win favour while she is young and avoid any potential punishment when she is ascends to “God of the universe”.

Won’t somebody please think of the children?! Mother, maybe.

I’m chuckling to myself now. It seems so ludicrous. It’s all a joke. In good fun. But my children are very charismatic. And intelligent. And kind. I think I did a good job raising them, but with my kids, I think anyone would have done a good job raising them. They are fucking fantastic on their own. All their flaws and negative stuff, that’s what I see of myself in them. Their less than stellar qualities are all me.

Their insecurity. Their self doubt. Their narcissism. Their selfishness. Their self entitledness.

In their astrology charts, their moon’s are both in fire signs – Sagittarius and Leo. Symbolic of the “mother”, I think I have done a pretty bang up good job of being the confident and fun loving mother I wish I was. I’ve managed to trick them so far into seeing the confident mother, and not the crying deflated mess behind the curtain. Because in my own astrology chart, I very much lack fire signs. I have Uranus and Saturn in Sagittarius, that’s it.

The WordPress address “modern mystic mother” was what I was trying to go with, with making this site. And I have not loved up to it at all. It’s just been me whining and crying and whinging and moaning about “woe is me, I’m so crazy”.

I want to read tarot cards and do astrology for a living. I want to continue to teach, but full time teaching is fucking hard. Obviously, but I don’t have the time to develop my “dreams: that I had no idea I even had.” LOL.

I dunno. It’s 5:45 am so I should get on with it now. Prepare my kids for the day ahead and clean the house and all that shit. I mean, I go back to work tomorrow. So who knows how much time I’ll get to blog? About nothing?

Resurrected from the archives, probably sometime around Septemeber 2018

4 thoughts on “A parenting blog?! Mythical mother

  1. MyPower24/7 says:

    I see you are wonderful mother. I wish all the mothers would be like you in so much in love with their kids. I wish my mother would be like you or me. I know I am wonderful mother too. Our kids are so lucky! I always saying that to my girls – you are freaking lucky to have mother like me. 😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kalliope says:

      The endless search for something undefined but still claimed as mine… sticking up flags to remember all territory’s traversed along my many journeys and paths. If I can’t claim it for my own, at least I can say that the new claimant was not the first.

      Liked by 1 person

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