Tarot Reading: Pin the shadow into the box

Tarot cards drawn for this reading. Includes the warrior, the wheel of life, the lovers and the empress. 21 May 2019.
The warrior, the wheel of life, the lovers and the empress. 21 May 2019.

A new world calls me kamaloka. Karuna turns hard toward starboard. A new world whispers into your ear (heed my call, it’s okay to fall).

Its about Chiron, the wounded healer, half horse and half man. A dragon, a sphinx, a phoenix, a swan and pelican. You’ve got to get Kairos to fight for your right to live your own life, or you will surely die.

Oh, are we suddenly now strangers because I said a thing you didnt want to see? Good luck convincing father Chronos without me. You’re nobody –

Yet. You didn’t let me finish. I meant to say you’re vulnerable in that form. You will need to upgrade your shields, armour, and weapons. Sharpen, hone, train and tone.

Tarot cards drawn for this reading. Includes the magus the seeker and the demon. 21 May 2019.
The magus, the seeker, and the demon. 21 May 2019

The HGA and the majors – the great work with the wirth cross laid as linear, spread.

  1. Actualisation: The most probable outcome; short answer to your question.
    • The Warrior (19), master of the mystic light. This is the card if the sun. Continue to shine and burn bright, your destiny is the phosphorescent light.
    • Fight for your place in the celestial spotlight. Reveal your point of origin in the divine astrium of the sky lit theatre. You were and are the little warrior they under/over- looked.
  2. Darkening: How best to optimise current resources and assets for optimal outcome.
    • The Wheel of Life (10), the sphinx turning destiny. Riddled with wisdom, a hybrid mutation. Guardian of the galaxy in you and/or me.
    • Remember your personal sigil, the wheel. You/I designed it, unintentionally (unawares) encoded it with esoteric symbolism. Grab hold of that wheel and steer your ship into their obfuscated tower of bullshit. Roll the ball like they are skittles. Taste the light rainbow.
  3. Putrifaction: Divine inside and intuitive discernment. How best to navigate most probable outcome through thought transformation and transmutation into reality.
    • The Lovers (6), mystery of the covenant. We’re like Romeo and Juliet, beautiful and tragic.
    • Don’t let the story follow the monomyth of tragedy. Oh what divine comedy. Life on the little stage is but a farce of the big leagues. Don’t let the ego snuff the ember of light within. Goddess of love, war, sex and magic. Be you, be the passionate and quixotic essence of yourself. Your true story is a mosaic mirror of the escapades of the gods.
    • Fuck off. No one cares about that.
    • You’d be surprised. Everyone cares about love. They seek it, crave it, for yearn to be loved themselves.
  4. Awakening: Pragmatic divinatory message on next immediate steps for advantageous positioning.
    • The Empress (3), Gloria Mundi: Ourania’s gate. Modern mystic mother, open the gate. Let the love you know and feel flow out through you.
    • The mother, the daughter, the wife, the lover, the friend, the frenemy, the goddess, the gatekeeper. Tell your/my story… I was never the protagonist in any of my stories, I was just merely there. And by being a side character is so many tales, that’s my magical mythical legacy of the truth of what constitutes archetypal divinity.
  5. Synthesis: wrap up concluding message. Take away point, important to be conveyed about matter.
    • The Magus (1), divinity in man: powers of the spirit.
    • Double ouroboros, the symbol of you/me/him. Our souls are entwined, take back the hold of what is rightfully y/ours. Take back for yourself first, before you give it to others.
  6. Wild card: optional, dependent upon trajectory of reading. No assigned meaning, read intuitively with other cards.
    • The Demon (15), battling the Typhon.
    • Telling the tale backwards can confuse the truth with lies. I am no common blackbird, raven of omen cried.
    • 15 is the day of my birth. 15 unique letters of the alphabet in my birth name. +7 additional letters I can derive from the names of 3 generations apart from mine, direct bloodline (2 older, 1 younger).
    • Physical/material chains that bind me to the earthen plane. Thus, bear the mountain range… the heavy burden of the mundane.

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