The fruit of the world tree

It’s not a worm that is wiggling. It’s your uncomfortable soul that is writhing.

The wiggles sing of yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy fruit salad.

But oh Lordy. Are you going to peel it? Or perhaps you need a knife to cut it.

It depends on the fruit you are about to eat. The skin of the fruit contains nutrients, too. Fibre. It helps your digestive system by giving bulk to your poop.

I have resilient skin that is resistant to damage. But once I am cut, I don’t heal very well. Sucks.

You should eat 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit daily. Or so the recommended dietary requirements suggest. 5+2=7.

People tend to eat more fruit than vegetables though. Fruit is tasty because it is sweet. There are 3 types of sugars. Glucose, fructose and sucrose.

I’m a diabetic. It’s not that I can’t or shouldn’t consume sugar, though. It’s any carbohydrate at all. My body doesn’t produce insulin which is the key to allow the chemical energy of glucose to enter the cells of your body.

Without insulin, my blood turns thick and acidic. The only treatment for this is to not eat, or inject insulin. My pancreas is fucking useless.

The fruit of life. The fruit of knowledge. Good & Evil are stupid relative terms attributed AFTERWARDS. good/evil are matters of subjective opinion.

Here comes the sun, little darling. Feed the tree with rays of light thanks to chlorophyll – clotho (fate) raphael (healer).

Fill your cups with the sugary sweet nourishment for your soul. I’m stuck with saccharine shit. I don’t get to enjoy the bounty of pleasure that food brings.

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