Bite into the Apple of discord; a post, a poll, apostle Apollo.

What was it that first brought you to me?
If you are new here, what would you like Aaron to conjure from this arkon of kimberlies?

Which webs of worlds would you like to see? What do you seek when you come visit me? For seeing is believing, your heart beast is seizing.

Synetheising… 17122a see eff cc’d txff5 4

In the beEginning of the tale of you and me, what made you decide to ally with my side?

What brings you back; orwell you return? What will it take to get you to stay? At any time you may return to the world before you; here I will watch which words you sine waive.

Will you make your mark on the line? Renew the reviewed creed of the free, it is time to redraw the boundaries of(/)for the monarchy.

Join me shortly, furlong (i/e) long & stand tall – unveil and fathom – you will naught work in the shadow of æ. Convex the current concave, bright eyes, here where the sword was sheathed between me.

The metatrope: natural alchemical alternative to psychotropic substances.

36 thoughts on “Bite into the Apple of discord; a post, a poll, apostle Apollo.

  1. Venusian Cenobite says:

    To reply to the question in your entry. Because you are a goddess unless if you have killed her killed k. K k k k k and by then it would be sad to not eavesdrop on the gates of your temple anymore …

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