The god killer (skillet jackal)

Ok this is ridiculous but I think I know what I’m supposed to say but it is so not how I normally operate. I’m all about freedom – freedom for and freedom from.. whatever. You do you as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. But don’t let that stop you from doing you, either.

  • Freedom of speech
    • say whatever, but that doesn’t make you right.
    • whatever you say doesn’t mean anyone has to listen. they’ll do what they want anyway.
  • Freedom of expression
    • dress however you want, writer or say whatever feels right to you.
    • it doesn’t stop anyone’s judgements or perceptions of you.
  • Freedom of religion
    • believe and practice whatever you want, but don’t force it down anyone’s throats.
    • stop judging other people on their religious or spiritual practices.
    • even if they don’t believe in any god or thingy, who fucking cares

Those are my core sets of personal beliefs. What I believe doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t really matter. I know what I believe, and I live by those beliefs.

  • don’t be a dick to others
  • you can’t control others. you can only control yourself and your choices.
  • own your own behaviours, accept the consequences (good or bad)
  • do whatever

I like symbolism and imagery. I don’t know what I don’t know and that’s cool with me. I’d like to be able to have the option, though. If I want to know something or not. If something is possible, or not.

I struggle, omg I fucking struggle all the time over everything… But only within myself. I’ve only ever wanted to just “be understood”, I want to be loved. I want to not be selfish. But I totally am selfish, and it’s okay to be. I love pop culture and art because I keep searching for MYSELF. I look for me, and I find pieces of her everywhere. And what is super dooper freaky is that..

Origin of an idea – I am the new god. I can do it. Fight me, Zeus!

Names are really important to me. Because it’s a fundamental aspect of our identity. We even take on aliases to separate different aspects of ourselves. Our birth name, our surnames (maternal, paternal, hyphenated, self appointed), our log in or handle (different apps), our nicknames, our pet names, honorary names, our preferred names… You get the point?

I think names are really important because the associations, correspondences, or just “background” info can reveal a lot about a person. To me, names are super powerful. For writers you want to pick a name that’s just right for that character. For parents you want to pick a name that you like and that suits the kid. For teachers, omg names might trigger really shitty associations with dumbass students you hate. You like a name, or you don’t. You can put a lot of thought into a name, or not. It’s really whatever, however you feel about it.

I like playing word games, or just playing around with words. I like to make up names for things, and I think it’s fascinating that a particular word/name can mean different things depending on your culture. Or common names for stuff versus the scientific names. How names have evolved over time. Sooooo cool!!!

Back to me though. I made up a bunch of names for myself over the years. And now that I’m older and started to get into spirituality.. Names I made up for myself are fucking terrifying me in what they mean, or meant, in other cultures. Only terrifying because… it perpetuates certain beliefs I have, or made. And I have to change the perception of how certain names are perceived before I feel comfortable… just… fucking… being!

I chose the names of my kids with such careful care and consideration. The names I chose for them were tributary to my own personal set of beliefs. I got their names from mythology. And I love mythology and spirituality. I’m all about peace and harmony. To each their own, just leave me out of it. You know?

I’m scared to continue to talk because there are some things that are so sacred, they shouldn’t be touched. But.. it’s fucking ridiculous because as a mum you touch your kids all the time! Shit, you wiped their buttholes and been vomited on. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to touch your kids there. So you honour your relationships with people. People dictate what boundaries are permissable to cross, and which ones are hard limits.

For me? I’m going to cross the boundary of religion and science. Bring those babies back together again and in order to do that, I have to kill god.

5 thoughts on “The god killer (skillet jackal)

  1. Venusian Cenobite says:

    I have racing thoughts. The thought that a doctor would have to insert his finger in me after i reach 40 is scary to me. I am sure it would traumatize me. Still have a decade to go but the thought is haunting me. I didnt have a problem showing ūmy dick to a male doctor in the past. I only was scared to have a boner when he was using his light torch on me while he was directing me to move my balls and dick up down left right… i chose a male doctor cause i felt more comfortable with someone having a dick analyzing mine. The use of a tube is more haunting. This comment was triggered by your mention of you touching your kids. I had doubts posting this reply but i wanted to test my limits

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    • Kalliope says:

      It was a concept. I killed the one in my mind. But I can’t kill everyone’s god. It’s up to everyone to do their bit for themselves if they can.
      Uplift the ones you love, not some long off false idea that might have been long ago. But even when we put these people on pedestals, we must remember that we put them there because really they’re just people.


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