Fight (me) club

I really shouldn’t be talking about it. I’d be breaking the first two rules if I did.

Metatrope won’t drop the soap on a rope. Might need to wash your brain with my wisdom manifesto, though.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Always repeat.

I am Tyler Durden (or should I say Tyler Durden is me?) and I am whole. I am loved, alive and enlightened.

We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t.

I am a millennial and damn right I was raised on tv. But instead of aspiring for riches and fame, I wanted to be a thespian of the stage.

I wanted to make believe different characters and scenes, play act these lives that weren’t mine. I could be anybody, for there is freedom in the shedding of one’s identity.

I’m not dissatisfied. I am content with my life. But I do miss the fun playing around with different projections or mindfucking other people’s perceptions.

I am not dissociative, I have no personality disorder. I had a brain scan last year and it is perfectly healthy, sort of.

I’m just your regular depressed and anxious complex super-ego.

Cyclothymic tragic comedian, serious about spiritual satire. My belief in anything is suspended until I’m faced with it. Then I crack some quips, shine light like a diode, and promptly forget about it because I saw a new shiny!

Gotta take delight in the little things for existence is fleeting. A shutter sight can capture moments in your mind to remember, but all memory fades. Try to find joy in your every moment, your power is in the present. You can’t change the future with flights of fancy.

I’m no expert, I’m a hypocritical mirage. But project mayhem my #COK (Cult of Kim) is always open to accepting more Kimions into the kin.

Or if you’re feeling flat because your life lacks purpose and passion, I’ll bring you a war. What else are friends for?

My husband’s MBTI personality archetype

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Muse of epic poetry. Mother Metatron. Contemporary teacher of humanity and art.

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