Why do we tell stories? What purpose does it even serve?

We tell stories to share knowledge, information, and ourselves with other people. Through the use of narrative, we are able to communicate and connect with others. This connection is what gives us strength and hope to face the dawn of each new day. Without love, it is so easy to give up and break apart into the night.

I want to thank Betul for her post this morning. And I also want to thank Marge for our recently developed friendship and comment exchanges. The combination of these factors at this time has helped me to remember what I wanted to do with this blog…

I am a locomotive of thoughts, I only stop when I run out of steam. I need to be reminded occasionally why I’m even here… What did I do or say to make myself remain in this place? I remember pressing upon my soul the importance to remember the lesson. So I have remembered the lesson, but I forgot the context of such…

The inner self wars with the inner spark.

    • Why?!
  • Trust it. Just keep going.
    • Why? How did I ever think this was worth it?
      • It’s not worth it.
  • It’s worth it because you wanted it. You believed it was worth it.
    • I have nothing. I am nothing.
      • What the hell.
    • Why bother, no one gives a shit.
  • If no one cares, why should I?
    • If no one cares, who else will care?
      • It is up to you to be the change you want to see in the world.
  • Make them care. Make them see.
    • People don’t want to see. I barely can stand the sight of me.
  • You don’t have to look. You just have to be.

The words we use are powerful, they shape the way we see ourselves, and direct the form of the people that we become.

Me – just now. Here, to you.

I… will just leave you with some of my own words. You can quote me on this. I quote myself, I am my own authority.

Hear my song. It will help you to believe there is more. There is none, and there is nothing and all and any thing else. They are words that we expire through our voices, larynx and breath. When we unite our voices in heartfelt harmony, we can rise.

To the rest of my fallen. The spiritual underdogs, underfoot.

I have many more screenshots of my quotes and words like this… I am just wondering what I am to do with all of it… There are so many I cannot possibly choose only a handful to share with you. I must release them all to the wild winds, so they may call across the oceans and awaken the spirit of the metaphysical fraternal bonds we forged amongst ourselves before we “fell” (air support, paratroopers) to support the earth.

We are the support from the other side, helping to lift you up from the underside.

You may tread on me, besmirch my name, I lament such forward honesty trying to emulate the light you shine… it’s not my place. I’m the dust of the earth, I may be worth shit. But shit is what helps the garden to grow rich and luscious.

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Muse of epic poetry. Mother Metatron. Contemporary teacher of humanity and art.

15 thoughts on “Why do we tell stories? What purpose does it even serve?

  1. Yeah I read your post, thank you for trust. πŸ™‚ I love reading your stories. I may sometimes can’t find a way to express my thoughts because lack of English vocabulary but I really get who you are. May be I want to think that I get who you are but still, I get small part of who you are. Well, reading your questions out there I can answer all of them because they are very easy. Some of them just don’t have answer because you have to connect with your inner self to find the answers. No any person will care because no one ever will. You should care that’s what is the best. As soon as you self approve yourself you will stop questioning yourself and life around. 😊😊😊 Good luck with blog! Inspire the readers more because you doing great. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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    1. Thanks Margey. It’s often a battle to overcome one’s own inner demons (negative self talk). I vent them out through poems and stories so I can pretend… UGH STRUGGLE ST. LOL. I promise I’m slightly more upbeat in real life. Like a burger flipping gymnast, flipping out all over the place.

      I hope that whatever I am doing here online (waving my arms at all my shit I’ve written and keep writing and posting) that it helps people. Somehow. And I hope I can figure out how I can capitalise off of “whatever that thing that I do” without being some douchebag of a “life coach”

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        1. That’s exactly what it is. Writing is how I organise my thoughts and figure stuff out. Or through discussion. Basically, through the dialectic exchange is how I work out the kinks in my grey matter. πŸ™‚ I have journals filled with this kind of stuff. I’m just trying to figure out how to represent it in a linear fashion so I can communicate my understandings in a coherent and comprehensible way.

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        2. I am very serious person, underneath my humorous facade. And underneath the seriousness is a singing and dancing satyr, spewing rainbows and farting out storms. Glitter and fire rain down from the heavens like a celebration on a game show. I wipe my brow, turn to the camera and smile. Fade to black.

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        3. Reconciling these different varied aspects of myself is what the whole block was supposed to be about. It was supposed to be somewhere where I could be all of me regardless of what I do for others.
          I think I wrote on a previous post or something somewhere last year that this site was my container ship to house all of me, and it was separate from who I am though.
          Super meta mecha introspective deffective detective. LOL

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        4. I actually am already waiting for you to out everything together and make a coherent piece. You are very good at articulating and I think that is a great merit to have. Go ahead and do what you are planning to do. Don’t wait too much.

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        5. It’s not that I am waiting, I am just strapped for time recently. And because I’m a mecha bouncy ball, I sometimes (most of the time) bounce along another whatever direction and path. And forget whatever the heck my initial intentions and ideations were supposed to be. LOL aye me, I am my own foil in my life narrative. That was the first stock character archetype I realised.

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  2. Reblogged this on Scribblers Arena and commented:

    When we tell stories, we share part of our selves. We offer a slice of our soul and the knowledge or emotion gained through our experience.
    My blog is me trying to navigate the silent, scion rivers that once were second nature to traverse. I just want to be whole again. Experience is for the new now, I must write my conclusions instead… Tale as long as time, kama kim continues to start and stop. She cries.


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