Idyll ideas upon my academy

  1. I am a teacher. Real life.
  2. Reading my astrology chart
  3. Retrograde mercury, Venus, Chiron.
  4. Archetypal Chiron. Healer speaker mentor centaur lover freak…
  5. Learning through the sharing of stories – narratology
  6. Wellbeing areas – 4 domains
  7. Philosophy of aesthetics – metallurgy
  8. Maslows hierarchy of needs – tarot reading
  9. Science geography, creative essay on landscapes
I am where ever I am because that is where I need to be.

My inconsistent wandering wonder-land hand directs me.

I am who I am because of the life I have led.

All that I know I have learned from every person I’ve met.

Every story I’ve told, every word I have said,

every one of it true to my real life experience.

My words are weapons, transient manipulations. Remember what I had said, and know what was meant.
By every move of your mouth, every word, every utterance, every language, every accent, every reverb and every reiteration.

Every transcription, every interpretation, every intonation, every adaptation… from the ember in my mind, transmitted out loud through my mouth, or allowed through my hands.

Semaphore. My arms to hold up or down, hold banners or pennants. Bow when you pray to demonstrate penance. Show me the signs. Signify the shadow of light.
Metaphor. Obscure and allude. Container of your wisdom essence.
Anaphora. Repeat what was – as before. Repeat again.
I am the word, the double edged sword, the angel of revelation.

I am the seal, the psycho revealed, the queen of hell and heaven.

I broke the seals upon the lamb’s book of life, in the hands of the lion/lamb the seals were unbroken. I need to write the words and the seals for the future to make their own minds about destiny
All are symbols or signs of nothing and divine.
My lessons derived from physical reality every interaction,

scry the curriculum of life in my shadows reflection.