managing the mmothersite

I have been working on the aesthetic of my website and I think I am at a spot where I am satisfied with the layout and colour. Of course it’s not 100% because I’ve got graphics and “branding” stuff to tweak…

Anyway. What I am trying to get at is that I feel good about it (enough to stick my neck on the line) and want to invite you to check it out. But mind you, my categories are still pathetic, and it’s far from perfect… BUT IT IS GOOD ENOUGH. For now, anyway. Hah.

  • I have no idea who actually visits the page, or just views it through the reader… *shrugs*
  • I have a poll on the landing page of my blog, it’d be nice if a few people could click it.
  • I signed up to MailChimp and stuck a form for that on there, too. However I have no idea what I’m going to do with it yet… But sign up because why the hell not!

It’s the 15th and it’s almost 9pm. I have a post scheduled to be published daily to the end of May. I have some stuff in June, too, but am reconsidering if I could put that in the newsletter thingy. WHO KNOWS.

So far, so good enough.

Out of the 28 scheduled posts, only 6 of them are new. I’m keen as beans to just post them already, but am anxious if my elation doesn’t get the ego stroking for which it hopes.