I must write the right to reveal the light

I must say something. I don’t know what to say. I’m nobody… I want to … live. I’m scared I’m going to die. But not really..  am taking measures to make sure I will live. But I don’t really know what I’m losing. What I am giving up.

I’M NOT ARROGANT, THIS IS NOT ARROGANCE! But it will be if I am to assume.

I’m not the first to think like this. Look all around you, they are all genius. Their genius is showing. They are the gods. The gods of today that are not recognised for who they really are.

The gods live inside mortals.

The gods live inside of all of us.

But we are not divine. Our physical natures are only vessels for the divine.

The gods are all men, but not really. They’re seen inside of men. But women are so used to being in the dark, it’s easier to hide there. And it’s not “men/women”… don’t get caught up in those fucking labels, that’s all they. They are just names we attribute to two extremes of the same thing…. They’re different expressions of the same thing, only different by degree…

Hermaphrotidus. Androgene. These are the future. The true nature and form of the gods. And this is where they are allowed to exist. The physical world is ready to hold them, to have them.

It is truly obscene that the masses worship… these false idols… They are just fucking “things”. The true gods are the creators, the inventors, the artists, the orators, the writers, the…. the people behind the fucking curtains. The messages… the “word”… the “ideas”… they are the vehicles that allow the god to be awakened in all of us.

I want to thank the new gods of today, because by honouring them, I can identify them in the history books…. But… we’re not “pure”, we’re perverted… and broken… I can only… I don’t know….

The muses/graces/charities…

The primordials… the titans… the gods… the angels… the oracles… the seers… all for the glory of “god”. We are god. God/goddess/deity/divine… who cares what we choose to call it.

I want to thank the people who act as vessels for the gods, but I don’t want it to be thought that.. these “celebrities” are gods… no… that’s why we have to go to history. I don’t want to expose myself online, I won’t expose others, because of the power of names…

I can.. encode… because… it’s true, but not the whole truth. Not hidden truth, nothing omitted, but you must see for yourself…

Tool. Maynard. His name is Lucius. He is not a god, but the gods work through him.

The gods are much further behind Lucius. But… they don’t really need our worship. They’re doing fine on their own. But Lucius isn’t the only one. He’s just… helping me find my way.