Eo nomine

I have so many fucking ideas. So many wells of inspiration from which to write. And I know I have it in me to produce writing that titillates the pleasures and this is different for everyone.

I produce a kind of experience, if sensation is what you seek. I reveal the invisible links and threads if it is mere knowledge and illumination you’re after. When you put two mirrors in front of each other you can see the perpetual rings of the snake, an endless bottomless pit that can never be fulfilled – because it’s just a metaphor for mutual masturbation.

But if you seek wisdom, have you tried to change your perspective? It’s simple as science, but when you are young you need to have the lessons repeated again and again for you. I’m patient enough to wait, because I know what it’s like to feel the betrayal and anger at being lied to. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if people didn’t pussyfoot around the truth? Yup. Its a sharp object but if you don’t learn the lesson, you’ll keep cutting yourself up. And when will you be finished cutting yourself? Clean up your mess please.

But I know I know I fucking know what you’re talking about. I get it. Please understand this: I understand! I know what you’re on about. I am full of fucking stories and anecdotes and I am bursting at the seems to share my wisdom with you. It’s why I’m the best fucking teacher in the world! And why I’m also really shit at my job.

I care about the WHOLE person. I want to produce whole, functioning, adaptable and resilient human beings. This world in the right here right now is all about “what can be proven, what is factual”… And experts on humanity cannot give one definitive answer. They’re all saying the same fucking thing but nope, truth acknowledges perspective, fact is not about moderation but hard clear boundaries and delineation. It is fact or it is fiction.

That’s what makes the difference between a physicist and a physician.

Physics: mathematical laws and formulas. Rules, guidelines, hypothesis, experimentation, documentation, repeatable and reliable results. Easy. Formulaic. The laws by which we can understand the operation of the universe.

Physicist: theoretical and experimental. Maths. Do the thing. How was the thing? Write it down. Rinse, repeat. Computation, regurgitation, remove the anomalies. Facilitates autonomy. Focused on figuring out the universe.

Physician: an ongoing study and practice of refinement and attunement. The understanding that we won’t know everything, but let’s try not to kill ourselves while we do whatever it is we do anyway. Facilitates healing. Focused on figuring out humanity.

I have been talking about being psychic. I WANT TO BE KNOWN AS A PSYCHIC. And I know, it’s an outdated moniker. But I am prepared. I have a fucking litany of other names and labels I can affix to myself and they’re all the same thing. Sort of.

The importance of a good name, or title

To me, they all mean the name thing. They’re all representative of me. They’re different names I’ve given myself. Completely man-made. Self ordained. Soi-disant. I made it up and I like it so I’m keeping it

Every nickname, every alter ego, every alias. Every dream, every wish, every desire. Been there, done that, got a good story out of it, moved on. I’ve got millions of vials of anecdotes to cure any of what ails you. I don’t have a definitive antidote but I’ve got a decent anecdote and in my experience they seem to have the same effect.

I want to cut through all the bullshit. Kill the cliches. Modern mystic mother. Fuck yeah baby. She’s my mecha-suit and I’m going to power This baby into a whole bunch of shit. Open up my eye of sauron and laser vision of focus and destruction… raze shit to the ground, baby.

Raise the frequency, baby daddy-o! Mamma is here to help her baby. Jesus christ, I thought I left you to guide the world and teach them and shit? Jesus… omg fuck sake. If you want to do something right you gotta do it yourself.

Mamma is here to raze the world. Raze the world correctly. Sorry if I accidentally step on one of you darlings. I’m just doing my thing. Really sorry. (Just copy deadpool, my favourite child. He takes just after me.)

Originally published 8 October 2018 // Republished 14 May 2019