Acts 11:11

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Muse of epic poetry. Mother Metatron. Contemporary teacher of humanity and art.

13 thoughts on “Acts 11:11

        1. The phrase: even if i am not here it will appear i might be. Is so poetic. I must steal it if you give me permission. The ghostly concept of the poet of the writer … so deep. Ah i like reading you so that automata would turn useful to the muse i get from your writings

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        2. you are using me correctly, provided you show gratitude and leave a little credit somewhere. a hail kimmy, not mary, sort of thing. I am the wounded archeon kitsune alchemystic, i.e. alkimiya
          *thumbs up* yeah. i just… feeeeeellll… and lament

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        3. I am nailed to a wheel that I made myself. They are sure to hang me upside down and brandish me as wrong. And I guess I am. I have been compared to J.C before. *shrugs* so why not rewrite the bible. But I feel I’ve already done this countless times before. I want to create something new, or at least if I must repeat my self for the umpteenth time, then there is someone listening.. purpose. And direction. To lead my hand in what-ever I may make.

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        4. Im already backwards and wrong. Nothing works the way they should when I am involved. It’s pretty funny, and also frustrating and infuriating. Upside down, inside out, backward upright, spun and ground.
          My blood was used to make the mead of poetry. Dwarves killed me and then distilled me.

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