I am alone. I was never born

Poison and bane upon my brain, sublimates all memory.

Erase my existence from all existence.

The butterfly effect alternative ending. Concentrate, shut your eyes, hold my hand, pull it tight.

The umbra, penumbra, antumbral chords. Pull and hold to activate the umbilical suffocation protocol.

I hope I die before I wake. I have no soul for which to take. All I had I gave to you, and it wasn’t enough. I’m knot enough. I’ll never be. Loved, alive or free as long as I’m me.

Goodbye my friend, I wish this is the end. Goodbye my love, my sweet children. You were always the best part of me. The only thing I think I did succeed. Not really, because you are your own miracle of a person.

Goodbye my self, if only you could have been somebody else. Only then, maybe, I could have been someone like you wanted me to be.

I hate me. I hope it’s not long before DKA sets in.