Oh what joy it is to die

On the back of apocalyptic horses, hey!

Jingle jangle, ring the bells

My soul died today

Now I am free from sin and love and life and pain.

Running amok through the halls of Ma’at to you

I’m screaming crying smiling, laughing today is my dooms day.

Wave my arms up high, do-se-do we dance

Stick my neck out on the block and blade my neck in half.


It might’ve taken forever but now I can die happy. You never saw that I was trying. I was fucking trying. I thought I was succeeding. But I keep using *I* and making your problems with me about me.

Apparently you’re unhappy I remember those lessons you didn’t mean for me to learn, I was supposed to learn something else you wanted me to know.

Just so everyone of my readers knows – I am a liar. I deceive everyone with manipulative self serving lies.

Believe nothing I ever said. Kill your brains cells and go back to dead.

Nothing is real. Nothing is true. There is no such thing as love, or me, or you. Nothing is right unless it was said so by you.

Happy mothers day. Today we honour the true mother of the world: the father.

Happy happy happy happy sing a happy song. Smile and grin and bear your teeth to prove that you belong.

Smile and nod and agree to bleed out of your eyes in a joyous lobotomy.

I lift my hands and praise to be dead inside again. Remove my spirit and soul, my spine to be uprooted and all.

Open, shut them, open, shut up. Give a little slap. Grab it, grip it, twist it, snap it. I’m talking about my neck.