Break my face

Who wants to watch a monarch butterfly die? Pull off my wings, you laugh when I cry.

How many times must I not and smile when you keep abandoning me here??

You don’t fucking care. You only wanted to get your rocks off. You were supposed to help me. You said you would always be there for me

You weren’t. You didn’t want to have to deal with my shit. I’m too much fucking hard work. How could you ever say such lies that I was worth it? You couldn’t be bothered to help me through hell.

So I made friends with the demons here at the bottom of the cavern. I waited and waited hoping you’d return. And when you didn’t, I used a little help from those friends to help me climb back out again.

You came back with the lotion in the basket. You saw me climbing on top of them in an effort to ascend. I waved to you, I wanted to come back out to you. You were disappointed I wasn’t faithful and grateful for the lesson in subjugation you were expecting I’d intuitively know to learn.

Turns out this hole was made for me. You were just waiting for the right and best opportunity to push me in.

This was your divine plan for me all along. You helping me become the best version of myself was to be set in stone, a beautiful and cold cadaver carved into marble.

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Muse of epic poetry. Mother Metatron. Contemporary teacher of humanity and art.

7 thoughts on “Break my face

  1. I have always questioned my fantasies. Too many times and every time. The idea that i might be looking for a statue always scares the shit out of me, that i could never deal with another living flame, dancing and gaining volume, violent and free to bring those who seek the light to its burning fire… in my mind i have always questioned my ability to sustain fire, contain it would turn deadly


      1. Typhoon… your writings give off a strong and at times violent inner tide. In my little personal experience i usually get it from fire. So air and water are capable of great destruction as well… i am air and a bit of water but you might have guessed it already


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