Seeking Glory: the Inner Flame (SKT)

Another personal tarot reading.

A difficult spread to read because I was only able to pull 4 major cards. During the shuffling of the minor arcana, the Champion of 6 sceptres jumps out of the deck and lands pretty much where it is in the graphic.

Thanks Metatron. That’s team over and under/rising sun-dogs. 🌬🔥🥳 go team, go-go, friendship is magic!

Let’s name and shine some light on these messages divine.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Glory: the Inner Flame (SKT)

    • Kalliope says:

      No. I’ve got one deck and so I’m good. I’m definitely keen to check out the new thingys though. To see what has changed or been adapted, and then to meditate upon them and subconsciously integrate into my reading practice. hah

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