Acrimonious Acronyms

K – come on, we all know it’s the initial of my name. I sign up front now, not just at the back. *winky face*

A.B.A – Australian Bored of Anarchy

A.M.A – Ask Me Anything

C.O.K – Cult of Kim

F.A.Q – Frequently Assumed Questions

K.A.T.L – Kappa Antlia Thothful Logic  

L.A.H – Liminal Academy Hunt

L.A.N.E – Learn appropriate nominal executioners

Kether, Io, Mithra, Bethany, Elohim, Rigel, Ja, wow… Antares, Leontocephaline. Ninevah, Nimue Ele yo-gabba-gaba.

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