10 things to point at your head

Sometimes when experiencing something highly emotional, we make symbolic gestures to make us feel a bit better. For example, we might rub our tummy or clutch our abdomen when feeling unwell or insecure.

This is the same when perhaps we are overwhelmed with excited energy and need a physical outlet as a release. For example, jumping up and down or applauding with glee. Fist bump the air and call out “heck yeah!”

For me, it’s all just in my head. I can be obsessive, impulsive, incessant, hopeless and relentless when stuck in an episode of fucking depression.

So, I’ll point stuff at my head… as if to tell it to not do that thingy or I will threaten it with a thingy!

1. Hairdryer.

Just like in the graphic. Blow away your tears and fears with some style!

2. Your fingers.

It might be rude to point, but I assure you the fucker in my head doesn’t deserve polite! Point point point, make finger and hand signs at it.

3. A camera.

Gotta capture a snapshot of some smiles, and part of your soul. Ready for a selfie on a stick? Is that how the term is used?

4. A glock.

Steve Zissou issues everyone with their own, unless you’re an unpaid intern who has to share with the others… get yours today!

5. Spotlight.

You are being interrogated. Mother fucker. Or, it’s time for your special solo. Dance and sing for me, monkey!

6. Laser sight.

If you don’t perform to a satisfactory standard, you will be sniped. Snipered? Err… attacked by dozens of kitty claws who want to catch the laser!

7. Scissors.

Stab you. I mean cut you. Your hair. At the salon.

8. Comb.

Because the salon. Untangle your knots, try to be somewhat presentable.

9. Ice pick.

Lobotomy. Do it at home to pass the savings on to you.

10. Death stare.

Send out the evil eye to enter someone else’s mind and in their mind will be born a curse. The darkness and sadness of the eternal empty before your eyes for the rest of your life.

I am lonely. Suffer with me.

Where’s your head at? Tick, thick, think… BOOM!

7 thoughts on “10 things to point at your head

    • Kalliope says:

      Gotta find our way. Push past it, climb over, go around, dig under… don’t be another dumb and dead brick in the wall of ignorant idiots.
      We help each other overcome our issues when we share our experiences. Build community connections not just by geography but also emotionally. Everyone has a role to play and that doesn’t make them any more or less than anyone else.

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        • Kalliope says:

          Be a boost that helps to lift others up, not a brick that boxes them in. Bosom or brain buddies, you and I we’re built for busting the butts of bullies. By being amazing and honest and forthcoming with our own shit, we live as examples for others.
          We might look good on the outside, but that only covers up our spiritual battle wounds… and we would and do it all over again, because we’re built that way. We’re berserk, broken, batty… and better than we used to be. To be whole, beautiful and bold just as we, one has only to die before they can be reborn renewed.

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        • MyPower24/7 says:

          Always a boost that’s makes me different from others. I know only one amazing thing whatever it is everything will turn to dust one day. What the point to be an ass if it will. No point. It is much more amazing if you amazing and doing amazing things for yourself and others. 😘😘😘

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