Seeking the Mysteries: the Inner Quarry (SKT)

A personal reading using The Spirit Keepers Tarot by Benebell Wen. Spread from accompanying manual The Book of Maps.

Top row are of the major arcana, and the minor arcana underneath. Interpreted as groups of 4, from left to right.

First group of 4 to be read as divine omens.

  • 19. The warrior: master of the mystic light.
  • 6. The lovers: mystery of the covenant.
  • The joyous one: 10 of chalices.
  • The joined one: 2 of chalices.

Middle group relates to what I already possess or have achieved.

  • 7. The chariot: the chariot of osiris.
  • 5. The holy see: master of the arcanes.
  • The destroyer: 10 of swords.
  • The journeyman: 8 of orbs.

Last group relates to my next steps, where I go from here.

  • 13. The reaper: passage to initiation.
  • 4. The emperor: commander of intellections.
  • The shining winds: a swirling gale.
  • The vagabond: 5 of orbs.

Divine omens

Seeker of the inner quarry, the bread of life is yours to bake.

I mentioned these cards in a previous post. It has been quite a weight on my heart to associate these cards with messages from the highest good of my self. The are the metaphors I have been discovering resonate with me at such a deeper level than I thought or knew possible… like, they actually matter beyond objects of mere mind association.

I think I’ll go for a walk outside, the sunshine’s calling my name. I’m stabbing shit in the dark until I reawaken my spark. I am the master – MASTER of Mystic Light!!! I will cut you down with my sword, I will shoot the shit from afar as I am armed with cupid’s compound bow, too. Hark my covenant – I am a Kapporet, Capulet.

The Phoenix and the Dragon are lovers united, and under the sword of the master’s light, they combine entwined and become a new thing. The supple, subtle curve of cupid’s bow, the flexible and instructive tendons that pull draw strings… The flaming arrow of metal and feather. A piercing beauty and shoots right through thee to thy throne of the heart.

10 of cups and 2 of cups make 12. I am a complete and functioning water wheel. Remember who you are. Remember who I am.

I am the morning light that fell for man. My love for all to choose to or not be, we change our roles as we grow our family. I am a daughter, a mother, a friend, a lover, a fighter, dancer, a singer, a teacher.

I am the mother of monsters, demons, and renown. A villain in the narrative journey of heroes. Źzzzzzzzź a zzzzzzzzźzźzzzzzrrrrrrrreeeèèeeeeèeeeeèeeewee

Cards drawn 26 April 2019. This is a personal reading I am sharing.

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