Revelation 1:15 – revealed a secret of my thea keys.

Which voice do I use, and to whom is listening? The voice I wish to be recognised. To transcribe and transmit my viva voce to print.

The holistic teacher; the wounded healer; the hybrid, hopeful hubris… This is the voice I choose to represent me. This is the me as I am when I’m teaching. I’m serious about my humours, a regular guardian haltija

Here ye, hear me! Hearsay is heresy. My voice is the way to my truth. An expression of what I am, who you see when I reveal me.

The difficulty of defining my voice… I could be anyone for I have been everyone. I am divine, a tutelary deity. I am the queen of the way between the waves. I am Shekinah, shaking my thing and driving you crazy.

Stick with me and you’ll receive either salvation or damnation. It’s up to you to choose to save your soul worth fighting for.

The Book of Revelation is the last book of the New Testament of the Christian holy bible. It speaks of visions and prophecies that herald the end of days. I am not a patient woman so I decided to hurry my hubris onwards and started a joke religion based off of me. This demonstration of apotheosis, I announced the beginning of my own damned apocalypse, and named it my Karmageddon.

If I am the creator of my reality in life, I must write my words to manifest a rising light upon the horizon. Behold, I call upon the luminaries to amp up their radiance through me. Bring it on! Deliver to me hell and heaven, the world is already at my feet.

In my cosmology I am the centre of the universe, the spiraling arms of the galaxy reach out to you from me. Because I’m spinning around, move out of my way, I’m like a record spinner spinster.

Here is my spirit; my brand of spirituality. I take holy doctrine and make them whole by inserting my perspective and critique on the scribe… How accurately has my message been delivered? How about instead of relaying messages, I just write the thing myself?

Self representation is not recommended if one wishes to appear righteous and respectable. Good thing that is not the heart of my message. I merely use myself and my life to demonstrate my thought patterns and discoveries… if I am divine, you are too.

I am my own living example. If you need a saviour to believe in, look to me for I am real. I can help you, or guide you. I could also inspire you. Read my words in your mind, hear the lines of rayleigh vibrate… behold a vision before your eyes. See the lines of my lives are not lies.

Learn from my mistakes: do not as I do, but do as I say.

Metatrope was able to distill the essence of the spirit, which she keeps in a hip flask. She takes a swig of the heady elixir and starts singing and doing a shimmy… Something about being remembered by her… boys? voice? choice? It is unclear and she has already started rambling on about some thing else… Alas, we might never know for what (of who) she was remembered. Follow Kalliope Veign as she documents this world woe exclusive.