Can you trust your senses? Visions/vision, and the versions we believe.

Eye espy sights, lights, skies and spies. Planets and moons way up high reveal our truths whilst planting lies. Guard yourself (your soul) against deception from any direction.

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He watches you when you think you’re alone, the original peeping Tom.

Hold your head high, don’t look down. Look up at the clouds and the shapes they form. You want a hallucination of paranoid dreams? Your god grants this scene. White wash my eyes with saline.

The Shiny Horns of Halo : The Holy S—-hhiiiiittt!!1

I see you watching me watching you watching me make a scene. And now my eyes are blinding white, pinprick pupils are black hole (wholesome) sons.

Your dreams are manifesting as your consciousness recedes. In these moments of aimless wander, my path is paved beneath my feet.

Peek a boo, big brother is watching you. Seek a fool, glucose guardian supports you. Bug-a-boo, Beyonce blames you, she whose hair is as good as Jenny’s.

Get behind thee, Satan! Is it really that creepy watching you watching me watching you watch me? Actually… it’s kinda cute and endearing just how shy the eye of lord Sauron seems to be…

You bunch of sun worshiping pagans. Son of a gun, I have you in my sights. Trigger new visions of dazzling new apparitions. Come to your senses? RUN FROM THE CENSORS! Celebrate the light of the eternal (essentially) burning fiery ball of Ba’al, waltzing a material perpetual motion machine.

I can see clearly now the red-eye has flown.

This post was brought to you by the OG rebel tower of babelon babel fish, Kim. Read this in tandem with the words of the babbling rebel fish, Tim. 🙏

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