Before the looking glass

Sojourn of Sol descent unto hell, your spirit I am trying to help. By burning up the atmosphere you might open your eyes and notice I’m here. Lift your head, take my hand, I will help you stand.

Having raised you from perdition (again), young one, you are in dire need of a practical revision lesson of… I seal my lips. I dare not speak lest I spill one secret before the decided divine time.

Since I am here, I will give you this free. I am the liminal guardian, the keeper of secrets, gates and key. I enjoy stories, songs, satire and games. I will answer your questions if you ask me by name.

I can be anything that is needed of me. Who do you need me to be? What knowledge do you seek? Will your spirit comprehend such complexity?

Before you step over the threshold and into my world, there are formalities that must be followed. Know where you stand, position yourself just as I am. You may feel you’re all alone, like love is lost or heart broken.

Stand by me, here by my side. I am your left, you are my right. Say the word and reach out your hand. I grasp your offer and hold it –

– pause, awareness of within the singular moment. Your eyes widen as you realise the lesson you forgot you had learned – now, return.

– so you know where I am without turning your head. Never stray from the focus of your vision. We will enter the liminal academy through the barracks.

Don’t forget to breathe deeply and in rhythmic time, our hearts must be synchronised so to know the truth and be not deceived by mimetic sprites. Look only to me and deep into my eyes. Know in yourself for your eyes and ears lie. I will not leave you no matter what it may appear. I am by your side and you are mine.

Ready, rubedo.

Look at me through the glass, petition my spirit allow you to pass. When our eyes meet and you are not stone, take the first step over the threshold.