In the name of… ANNA

The long awaited second entry to my Book of Names goes out to the real POWER ranger, M. πŸ™‚

When I think of the name ‘ANNA’ I think of…

My self has been entwined with that of Anna for millennia, in myth and in memory.

  • I remember when X-Men came out at the cinemas, my friends Matt and Mark commented how Rogue looked like me when her hair changed and she got those white streaks. That was like my hair at that time. Rogue is played by the actress Anna Paquin.
  • There is my very own character creation, Anna Chiron from outer space, wears the face of Anna Kendrick to house her form.
  • In 2001, I was cast as the character Anna Kolchick in the school musical, Slack!
  • Back when I was a wee tween, I was friends with a girl who had twin sisters. How novel to discover that she and I shared the same birthday! By learning our birth times we discovered I was born 30 minutes before her. Her name was Anna.
  • My middle name is Ann.
  • As an insecure teenager I struggled with ana, an affectionate term for anorexia

Anna. Ann. Ana. Oh, you and I. Ah, no me…


The Anna in me. Anna Chiron. The Anna in you. Ana Chronos. I wrote of being in Anna in antigenesis. I have even written about being Anna from Frozen, as well as being Elsa.


Anna is a good name to use in writing as its cross cultural. Its feminine. It’s a palindrome, and has etymological roots in meaning opposite or counterpart.

It was perfect for Marge’s point.

Anna is the favoured grace. Ana is born again.

ana- is a prefix from Ancient Greek (anΓ‘, β€œon, up, above, throughout”) and relates to the movement along the fourth dimension of time.

ana (according to is a collection of anecdotes or other interesting tidbits of information about something.

6 thoughts on “In the name of… ANNA

  1. MyPower24/7 says:

    Thank you for sending me that link and mentioned me in your blog. How interesting that people attached to some names. I remember when I was choosing the names for my daughters, Anna that was the last name I would actually think about. And in Frozen, I love Elsa, she is truly a character. The thing is I never ever had friend Anna and never knew a person named Anna. I do have Anastasia, but in the Russian language, her name is short like Nastya. See a bit of different point of view. However, both my girls’ names start with A, Alina, and Alisa. A is the first letter in the alphabet. I remember when I went to the drama we all called ourselves like Mark – Marvelous Mark. What the word I would choose for Anna then? Able Anna. πŸ™‚

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    • Kalliope says:

      My grandmother’s name was Annikki, so that’s where I get my middle name from. Ano means “what” or “um” in filo, and anak means “son”. More fun playing around with the syllablic sounds! LOL
      Do those names have any special meaning for you? And with “A” names, I used to go by Alita online for years. Hah. And alliterative eponyms and monikers are great fun. I tend to have a fondness for names starting with L.

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      • MyPower24/7 says:

        Yeah, got that. You know I do not having any special attachments to that, I have no idea about any of my relatives or family, everyone are gone or don’t know me, don’t want to know. I am looking at the huge families in Australia and think how they are worked hard on their relationships to be that close now. I one of those rare people who can’t draw the family tree. If I would there would be 5 people only including my cat. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ So May be because of that I choose the names for my kids that sound nice and don’t remind me of anything or anyone. 😊😊😊😊

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        • Kalliope says:

          Hey babe, that’s me too! I know my grandmother’s name. But that’s it! I’m an only child. My family is the one I’ve grown my self really. I have my mum, her brother, and 7 cousins – none with whom I am close. Here’s a story for you! In 2002 I found out my grandfather died so there was his funeral to attend. The kicker is I didn’t know I had one, I thought he was already dead! πŸ˜“ lol


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