Beyond the halls of Ma’at

Cards drawn 3 days ago, but I cannot shake it from my head. So I reveal to you my own self reading, and the thoughts I recollect and connect.

The time has come my little friends to talk of wondrous things. Of dreams remembered half unsaid. Awaken who you are and once used to be.

I held the gods and goddesses in my hands. Ma’at remember thus: the time to change masks the place judgment upon the crimes of the heart. I must not forget my decree that destruction is due May 2019.

Stand and fight the good fight. The world is unjust. Speak your truth and know what is right. All will eventually come to the light.

Be brave and continue onward. Smoke and mirrors relive memory. Traipse through traps. Face hour fear.

You have my word/s/word.

Thoth this together, through thick and thin. Thought, intent, direct into action. Kingdom of wisdom, where do I go with this?

This is not the first time though every time you return, it hurts just the same. We take the same route every time, you return to your first nowhere home.

I often say I don’t know what I’m doing, though I know what to do. This is because I am capable of doing, I just don’t know why or for what purpose… I just… improvise. Inspire and ignite and chase random ideas too far, too long, too often far from my point of origin.

What? Why? Who? Where? When? How? Which? Shit, addled again.

This is the Duat. You’re choking on dust. Only the dead may live here. Your time is not up.

I want to crumble away and disperse on the wind. I lament ever taking form as this decrepit human. My lessons are unlearned and never realised. The sun in my heart dies in your eyes.

Let me stay, and fade away. Forget me. This is the end. Do not resuscitate, erase my existence. Spring has sprung a loose wire.

26 April 2019.

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