2019 May end with my apocalypse.

Recap of snippets of stuff that has led us to this point, under my heading.

  • The tarot divination for the year ahead – Apocalypse, in May.
  • I announced the pale horse rides out on 18th May, and it turns out there are quite a few things happening that day!
    • Venus conjunct Uranus. Angel of regeneration, baby.
    • On 18th, the moon goes full in the sign of Scorpio at 18 degrees.
  • The 18th card of the major arcana in tarot is the moon, too.
  • I am a Scorpio (w/ stellium) sun sign.

manifesting the mmmother’s May….

I’ve gotten quite ahead of myself and have scheduled a whole bunch of my old writings to be published each day here on my blog over the month of May. Some of them are new, but most of them are not.

I am doing it this for two reasons. Firstly, I’m essentially cleaning out my blog. There are just so many blog posts and most of them are just psychotic nonsense – and not the fun chaotic mirror maze kind. I want my blog to serve a purpose other than being a bucket for my written word vomit.

This is what I’m at so far, as of 29th April 2019.

Secondly, I am hoping this will create time and (head) space for me to develop meaningful content aligned with my ideals I began with, somewhere, once upon a blog post (buried somewhere in all that babble)…

Chaos is fun, it allows the free flow of creativity to take the mind on a flight of fruity fancy. This is where I feel calm in the midst of my semi-psycho-lucid storm. I need to reign in my crazy, to embrace and display my crude creations in a way that serves my own purpose (preferably profitable) whatever that may change between…

I will not cave in to my corner cutting (clear everything out and start from scratch again), I will create something that I can finally (maybe) feel good about. To make myself proud and not confused; something that means something to me, and hopefully you, too.

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