Waiting for the Liminal Academy Hunt to begin

Came across this image when I was just searching for the correct spelling of the each of the different sefirot.

Blew my mind because I’m all about the difficulty of containment, or figuring out the boundaries of what goes to what category or area.


My “K’s Australian Bored of Anarchy: Liminal Academy Hunt” was based off the KABALAH acronym. WoooOooooOOOoo! Psyche out!

All jokes aside, that liminal threshold?! That’s the path I traipse on the daily. I am just trying to figure out how to translate what I do into something that can be known.

All this stuff is already out there. It seems silly to say it all again. To reproduce what has already been produced and reproduced countless times across cultures and generations.

I’m more interested in the individual person. Why is it that, even though it’s the same old shit again and again…

  • Why is it so hard for us to learn?
  • What is holding us back?
  • Why are we holding back?
  • What is going on that prevents us from moving on?
  • How can anybody actually do anything about anything with all the ruckus and noise?!

What is the Liminal Academy Hunt?

It’s the education system of my dreams. Where I shed light on those liminal spaces… people call it shadow work, but to me it’s just about being honest with oneself. My shadow, if we go with what traditional spiritualists define it as, is that maybe there is something good in me that is worthwhile… my shadow is my light. I am the bright shadow.

Which is contradictory in itself. It means whatever it means to you. Deeds are meaningless without intention. Meaning is made through words. I’m all about words (I am the wyrd).

I’m an educator. I’m a mother. I’m an independent ego.

If you’re into astrology, then it might interest you to know I was born both Mercury and Venus in retrograde.

What does any of that even mean?! Well, if you’re going to learn anything, you may as well learn it from me. I have all the alternative facts (another word for fiction). But really my style is about getting you to figure it out for yourself. I’m about TRUTH. And truth is subjective… damn it.

And when people are mistaken? Shit, I’m used to getting the blame for stuff I never said or did… But I don’t mind trying to help you figure it out. Again.

If you’re wrong, try again. If you’re right, voila! If I’m wrong, I’ve only myself to blame. If you’re wrong, just blame me like everyone else.

Chaos vs Order: the eternal war

War, everybody loves to hate war. They hate that they love it. War is profit, passion, and patriotism. Show your glory to your father by changing peoples names, spread the reach of that blood/line – if not across the page, make it the ground.

Pick a side, girls and boys. The light versus the dark. Life versus death. Linear or circular ways of … everything.

The… Caduceus. Ouroboros. Synethesia. Mater. Orbital. Sentinel.

Double double, toil and trouble. Spin it right round baby, right round like a record, baby.

Out into the moonlight, go. Serpentine Scorpio, reveal Ophiuchus.

Ouroboros ampersand Caduceus. Every man, woman, child.

a new force enters the battleground

Kim Lane: the middle wo/man

Ever delightful and easily overlooked. Servitor to both bad and good. Nothing is so finite as the labels you choose and manner you look. Everything is so very finite because of e…ye…you…

Why can’t we have both? Harmonise, not harm. Demonstrate, not demonize.

Are you really gonna shoot the messenger?

I am mercury, music, memory, medium. I am energised, awakened, filled with the independent and individual vital essence of K… aka: The double, in the ancient Egyptian concept of the soul.

Kalliope Veign: the bloody poet is/in/of me

Jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton. Jump down, turn around, pick a bale of hay.

Oh lordy, master gonna see it. Oh lordy, look busy when they spy us.

Jump down, turn around, spin a tale of origin. Jump down, turn around, pick your path to take.

Oh wordy, master gonna hear it. Oh wordy, mister learn to read it.

FYI: 26 April 2019, the plan so far. What to expect if you have expectations.

Modern mystic mother is undergoing reconstruction.

I have scheduled 1 post to be published each day. They are poems, stories, songs, or personal essays. Some are new. Some are recycled.

This will likely continue until I figure out how to organise and collate my writings into a coherent product.

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