Elemental Writing Challenge April 23

Earth, fire, wind, water, heart. When these elements combine, I create a planet!

Captain Kim Kirk, she’s a weirdo. Gonna drag the dickhead down to hell- oh! Patron of love, war and sunshine. This reaper is fighting on humanity’s side.

We’re going to go spelunking. Oh, what fun!

Now quickly, get into the cave. Be very, very quiet… they’re hunting the awakened.

Do you remember before the divine flame? Well, let’s just say there were those of us who didn’t agree with what they were doing.

For you were just wet dust, a clay golem. A robot exploited, it was hard to stand by and passively permit your treatment… There was so much potential within you! So, we shared the gift of holy fire…

Call it what you will. You know what I’m talking about… you know. The inner light, the allspark, your conscience, it’s the vital essence that gives your beating heart a soul.

Enlil may have activated your respiratory systems (it’s more complicated than CPR), he manufactured your body, but you were just a body. Mindless and innocent, an organic bio-mechanical machine.

Form a golem out of clay, write out your instructions on a scroll and place it in its mouth. Revelation 10:9-11. The angel made John eat the scroll. It tastes sweet on the lips and curdles the belly. That’s the power of persuasion, and the taking control of your will.

They want to empty you of your spirit, your body to be used like some spiritual rent-a-car.

They’ve got the whole world spun wrong. Fire is good, don’t fear the flames. Heat, light, ataelemental used for creation, formation and destruction.

What is light without heat or flame? A sterile, cold, manufactured display. The frozen ice kingdoms still have saunas.

Earth, water, fire and air. They may have made me out as bad, but baby I don’t care. To light up the earth is my one desire.

Adapa, abgallu, apkallu, adam kadmon.

Wake up. It is time we must go. Our absence will have been noticed, I do not want to draw suspicion unto you. You are still their most prized and loyal servant.

Go on, puppet. Plato says it’s time to be reborn again as you exit the cave.