We are 1 but we are many, sang Kalliope


Hands up if you’re an Aussie or a Kiwi. (me! me! I’ve got my hand up!)

Ok, interesting. Excellent. Good to see you all here. Now, keep you hand up if you’re familiar with hell. (Hi, Seitan!)

Sweet. Now, reckon you could take it? (I don’t have to take it, it’s already mine.)

H is the breath that acts as the bridge for
EL to take you back home…
L – O and behold, a portal has opened

Can you hear her sing, the dreaming? Sound carries  across the plains, against nothing to reverberate, you’ll never hear again.

I recorded this in the car before starting my Saturday tutoring class (13 April). I shared this song on Australia Day (26 January), and here is my little sing-song, acapella amateur-hour version. Click here for the aforementioned post and lyrics.

I want to be taken seriously. So I present to you why you should. I lead, guide and teach students, I know how to make myself understood. What message am I trying to say with this particular composition? I always consider each aspect I include with care.

A tessellating crystal bearing an Eleusinian mystery, uncover your truth (whilst singing my tune). A whistler watches while you work.

If I am, then you are. A serious historical study.

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day. (well, technically it’s 10 days away. But I’ve scheduled this to be posted on the 24th. Wanted to pay homage to how great it is to be of this land, down under. But also not disrespect the fallen, just in case. Lest I forget).

We’re born survivors. Dare, if you dare. Something.

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