Re-Direct my intentions

I forget what I’m doing or trying to achieve. There are so many dreams I aspire to reach, etch my name in the corner with the other great wannabes.

This website (modern mystic mother) is a chaotic vom-bucket I throw in my everything, and swing it around because I am a millennial and I need attention.

Poet by day, Psychic for pay, Psychopathetic street corner ramblings pique enough curiosity to stay

Pink ranger prancercizing behind you (subliminal messages in whispers so you do what I say)

Watch me, applaud me, read me, hear me, like me, pay me for a personal divination reading!

Here are my divination readings, so you may get a sense of my style.

I also write poetry, allegory, liminal lists and idyll ideas.

I even collated 20 of my poems into an anthology. Did someone say free copy? Download it, the only cost is a click.

Combo deal meal upgrade time!

A paid version exists where I explain my ideas and thoughts behind each of the poems.

  • PayPal me $5.00 (Ausssie dollary-doos) – annotated poetry anthology, PLUS an oracle card reading (led by my intuition).
  • PayPal me $10.00 (AUD) – annotated poetry anthology, PLUS a 3 card tarot reading. Include your question (if you have one) in the notes section of your paypal transfer

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