Black horseman of balance

Judgement of the damned, the cost of justice for your sins, someone must suffer for the wrongs of your hand.

Make way, make way. May day approaches. The apocalypse of Kim and her Karmageddon.

Here I lay the last of the 9 gathering of magic creatures of mine. For the creation and devastation of existence divine, I select my champions across all 5 magic types and under my will and my name, they unite.

The black necromantic courts the white winged fleet. Airborne support for the war-locked worlds: terra, forme and scene.

#04 – Angel of Death

18 May 2019, in canters the pale horse of Hades. The angel of death announces judgement. There are no more do-overs, no more loopholes to exploit. Venus and the Rebel have been aching for some bloodshed.

Their conjunction in the skies will open up a void where the light and dark can finally dance together, angelic wings cascading together and finally rest as mere mortals in delightful purgatory.

Lest of course you are guilty of treason.

Hades, my hubby, will come for you. I am life and he is death, our complex dynamic is a symbiotic relationship. He will make you hurt if you are unworthy for me to heal.

Your name blotted out of my book of life. You are dead and forgotten, my faulty mind may or not remember you well. Or for long. Forlorn, burn all totems and tokens in the pits of hell.

#05 – Return of the Kin

The fifth seal that is broken is for the lost to be avenged. The return of the souls are thanks to the three lights that colour all life that you see. No matter your mode of transport (be air, land or sea) as you traverse the realms of imaginary being, think not you are alone.

Cross my path, walk my way, fall into line in my lane; say my name and my guardians will ensure you are safe.

When enough of the world has died for your cries, when all the tears have been shed from your eyes, look to the skies for there lies your hope. Show kindness, love, mercy and grace.

Each sunrise is a new day to shine bright 
as a hot and blinding pillar of light;
the air thickens and thunders their prayer 
for clemency, a sycophant saviour;
respire their repentance down prideful throats,
vindicated when hypocrisy chokes;
nature spreads seeds, dormant waiting to grow
when thrown to the fire, a phoenix is born.

Regeneration of the wild, Australian bush land. Fine in the fire, feed on the flames, grow from the ashes to be reborn again.

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