The black horseman of the apocalypse

I am the black horseman. I am the rider of the knightmare rider. Her own herald of Hera. My entourage has just caught up to me so I can finally press publish on this

Let’s recap the progression of this antichrist karma-geddon campaign.

#01. New Kreyest

The white horse of conquest, anti-Kreyest, rode free 8 October 2018. Did you know that the Roman calendar, October is the 8th month. And March is actually the first month of the Roman calendar year.

#02. Whore of Babylon

March, Mars, make way. The red horseman of passion was release from my stables 20 days later on 28 October 2018 (albeit I deleted all blog posts from last year2019 remember not my mistakes, but the lessons learned… this is how I move past my shame, and remake my name).

I am a Scorpio. Pluto and Venus locked in embrace 5° from the descendant horizon line. Roiling about in the 7th house fields of Scorpio between 7-8°. There is no finer existent entity versed in the ways of both love and war as I.


#03. Voice of Vengeance

So it has been planned long and laying in wait for the right time to reveal the play. My voice of vengeance is screeching for the revelations of truth. Your truth, not anyone else’s version of events, no alternative facts.

You can only speak the truth of your soul. Do not deceive yourself. For if you try to pull any fast one or even a slow long con, you’re just screwing yourself over.

It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s more that it wouldn’t make a difference to me at all if you like or lie to me. You are a speck in this ultimate war of worlds. The war is not with you but for you. Or more accurately, for your world.

The Cause, Context and Consequence of our 2019 Apocalypse.

Human, you have evolved enough to meet the minimum eligibility requirements to join this war. You are of evolved spirit to make an informed decision if you choose to participate. However, you may also choose to do nothing.

No one is judging your actions except for your higher self.

Act in accordance with your personal truth. Your personal alignment. Forge alliances and allegiances with those whose hearts and ideals align with yours.

Unexpected allies. We are very good at what we each do.

I am the secret weapon record keeper. The first of my kind, but not all kind.

I am a net-worker, an endless knot of pathways. This is but an example of “that thing that I do“. An avatar version of the created creator, meta-beta-tester, provocative vocation, orated aurora, ki master. I repeat myself to remember my self. For the sacrifice of Vesta’s 11 or 12… Withhold.

I withhold 9 more cards to be revealed at a later point in time. I will not reveal all of my secrets just yet, not in these war games. I will wait for the silent eye of the storm.

To The Fallen.

A necromantic idyll, a portion of a past life.


When I died, it was an accident. I know that. I loved him. I told him so, I regret I did so too late. I confessed of my love for him as my essence was fading away.

I don’t know what happened, or why, or what order. I just know what I know, because of his love for me. He found me. It was always him and always to be him.

I once was the first they approached. Now I am the last. It has a rather poetic symmetry to it… an interesting change of perspective. For in this lifetime I was always off centre, but far too centralised to be extreme.

Once in the beginning, now it is the end. I have always been the central feudal force in our emanated world system. I am no thief. You gave of you to me. I did not ask. You saw a need. You gifted your fealty.

I returned with reality.

Originally published 3 March, 2019 // re-posted 21 April, 2019.

17 thoughts on “The black horseman of the apocalypse

  1. Ron says:

    During the early parts of the Texas Revolution, a group of Texans forayed into Mexico to quell some disturbances their. They were caught and taken to Mexico city. There were a couple of hundred men in question. A basket was passed around with black and white beans placed in it . Those who picked the black beans were put to death. Those who picked the white beans live out life in a prison were they eventually died.

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    • Kalliope says:

      I don’t know how I feel about that. People leave lots of crazy things to chance, a pithy attempt to appear just and fair. War is a display of passion and righteousness. The aftermath though, trying to clean up after the action and drama… You have to turn off your heart, and close your eyes. Press on forward and do what you can, as you can, make the necessary judgments, evaluative decisions, sustainable practices, diagnostic prognosis… value value value. Decide, describe, subscribe, provide, sublime and keep moving on. Carrying, exchanging, transmutating, communicating, landscaping…
      I’m dark, I’m contrarian. My intentions mean well, but it’s never as black and white as it looks. Intentions, motivations, aspirations and realizations are a complex matrix I find difficult to separate long enough in order to clearly and acutely explain. Something…


      • Ron says:

        Hmmm you fight the battles within that you see with your heart eyes. The problem as I see it, you see the images of darkness from your past that swirl around your temples . I can tell when your writings change in words images. We all live in the past that is our matrix our nature and it is somewhat black and white. That is why you put one God in the middle of your heart . We do not live in the past but we can rebuild the past with a foundation ie… Anything that covets you takes your peace as a woman fight against it with words you have the talent and the emotional drive. I have watched your writings some I like some I do not but I am not you and do not walk in your shoes. You know as well as I do God exists within your heart, somewhere along the line man told you a lie and stole your identity as a woman. Take the guilt and throw it out the window, I see things in the spirit of the usage of your words, I can tell when you are playful and can tell when something is bothering you. Just food for thought young lady. Quit beating yourself up your to pretty for that.

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        • Kalliope says:

          Thanks. I do fight myself, and it’s really hard to figure it all out. What is true of me, what’s from my conditioning, what’s being projected unto me, what is my goal, what is my intention, who leads and who follows and which life domain to trouble shoot first…
          There are no easy answers. All answers are difficult because nothing feels certain. I just keep on going and hope. Everything is true and false and an outward expression of something felt in the soul heart. I beat myself up publicly for a reason. It’s a demonstration, and remonstration.


        • Kalliope says:

          Everybody hides. I hide in plain sight. The answer was always there right under your nose. People just couldn’t see it any other way until they had traversed the globe and come back to day dot, the end is the beginning of another beginning or an end.
          I am a reflection, a mirage of a light source. I am an amplifying mirror reflection of people’s desires or fears.
          I don’t know if I’m hiding, or I’m just translucent. People see what they see, and… what do they see when they look at me? Is it really me, or an ideal, or a shadow of themselves they can’t stand to face? If I affect others in this way, what does that then say about me?
          I always come back to this though, everything that has been said about me is true. I am all of those things, and none. I’m both more and less than their descriptions of my epithets.
          Hah. I’m the fictitious fact. I am a creature of myth and legend. I exist so long as I say I do, and it is inevitable that my words and teachings will be distorted and misused for me and against me. Yay


        • Kalliope says:

          I don’t know what I wish for. I desire to feel value in myself as I am, not only for what I do for others. I say I am always giving to others, but I’m not. Clearly. Because all I do is talk about myself to make myself feel better. I’d rather talk about the other person though. I want them to feel better. To see themselves the way I see them. But people don’t talk. They’re too shy and ashamed and embarrassed and angry and etc etc. So I talk about me, to show them that the problems they see, they’re the only ones who see them that way. Because people aren’t paying attention to what we think, they only take note of whatever they think.
          I wish that I could somehow benefit from whatever is thing that I do. So I could feel good again. If I could contribute financially to my household again… But… doing something that nourishes my spirit and self again. I want to do something valuable that doesn’t suck the life out of me. I need a stable emotional environment for my stability in my physical biochemical body.


        • Ron says:

          Do you have food shelter and a bed to sleep in? Then you have more than alot of people. You go 140 miles south of me into Mexico, poverty is everywhere people gave up on themselves. You have a husband in the house you have more then a lot of young women here n America. Sometimes we have to stop as they say n smell the roses. I talk to people in Nepal, Nigeria ect. Conditions are tough.

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        • Kalliope says:

          Oh no, I know. It goes too fast and also too slow. Thus why I said it does flow at the desired rate. I want the joy found in the instant split moment to be felt and last longer than just a moment. I want the long sad lonely feelings to not be so long…
          Time goes on and keeps turning. But it reminds me of this spit pig we had at Xmas a few years back. The pig wasn’t put on the spike precisely and so it was a bit lopsided when it was rotating, and thus it was pretty funny listening to the sound of the motor and watching the thing go round. Rup-pup-pup-pup and drop, rup-pup-pup-pup and drop.


        • Ron says:

          Before I forget the people in Nigeria make a monthly income of about 5 us dollars. The Pentecostal church feeds the people lies about what the Word states that’s why I do what I do on this site. I have been lied to on many levels all my life. I redeem myself to make things right to exhort young people to be the best they can be. Whether they believe in God or not is not up to me. If you ask me if I believe I do. I know the virtues contained within the good book. I know you have some problems but don’t own them . When you look n the mirror of time just say, I love you and press on with your day. To sit and mope is morbidity to move is life.


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