Waltzing Disney & me

I am and was Rapunzel, often mistaken for Ariel (I’ve got killer legs, and a voice like a siren).

I am also low-key Kida and Elsa (and Anna). I am more of a stitch-face-wing of a Mad Alice figure, my conversations cause hallucinations. Caution is advised when you speak with me.

Allow me to guide you through all the Disney princesses I have been. Won’t you come a waltzing through Disney with me?

Let’s use this fan art image to guide your minds eye. Row by row, left to right. I won’t go into details as there’s a whole chorus of ladies to sing and parade before you…like speed dating introductions.


Kida – an Atlantic princess, Queen K. We’re both royal and rowdy.

Elsa – the snow glows white on the skullcrusher mountain side, ice baby. My heart is cooler than cool – ice cold.

Anna – she’s my opposite, the other half of my character. I get why you had us mistaken.

Aurora – I sure can sleep through anything. And for a long time. Nap times are the best times.

Belle – look there she goes, she’s strange and brazen. A pity and a sin I never quite fit in, so I’ll just be that funny girl.

Rapunzel – neurotic silly-psycho swinging between mood swings but the rope of my hair. Her (family) symbols are the flower and sun.

Alice – the ruins of wonderland of yesteryear are long gone, an industrial business park was built atop of it. Alice you fell down the rabbit hole, Timmy fell down a well, Dorothy’s house fell on the Witch of the East in Munchkin Land, Oz. (I am the gate keeper where the 3 paths meet, FYI)

Ariel – yeah, my legs were totally worth the trade. Ursula is the best sea witch. 💯 yes, i would recommend her to a friend.

Megara is missing from this list, as is Giselle, Lilo and Stitch…

Oh well. I’m almost done. Moving on. I can write about them another time, if I remember (and get around to it.)

Harshinee is Pocahontas.

I’m not a fan of Disney’s Cinderella. I preferred Danielle (Ever After, 1998 film) and Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles (book series) as they had spunk.

Tiana is way too disciplined and driven to even be close to be me, I’m more like Lotty: the fortunate, annoying, melodramatic and supportive friend.

Mulan is the friggen best. I am not cool enough to even pretend to pretend to be confident or worthy of even comparison.