Combatome, come to get her

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see. They don’t deserve to be set free.

That is what both she and he implored me.

Let it go, Metatrope. Can’t hold it back anymore. I let it go, all of it gone to the winds and sky. I cried. I was howling. The wolves of winter then came running.

The snow seems wise on my mountainside, for it blankets the ground so you don’t know what it hides.

I live at the top of my skull crusher mountain. I must surely know upon what my mountain was made.

You’re all in my whirlpool of swirling rage. My feet are burning. My heart is cold. My head is turning. A revolution before my eyes. I am holding on. I won’t back down.

I am calm in the centre of my storm.

That’s it. That’s enough. Karma is stepping in & getting her deimos on.

For she was so damned tired of trying to orchestrate all the things.

Crypto- cryo- graphoenix and auratrix

All while trying to hold on without hope.

Karma terra lathed the selenia blade and ytterbiumasque.

Fate had always favoured her first.

The renegade alchemystic grabbed Set for

They were about to drive all home through harem.

For oh so who woe help them.

Dis. Time. Her. Lyss. Purpose.


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