My Tao story: toy infinity and beyond!


I am a mish-mash mutant mutt of miscellaneous mythological and mereological meta-(fact or)-fiction. Appropriating eastern spiritual cosmology with northern and western mythological legend.

This post is more for my own reference than anything else. A demonstration of the kind of stuff I think about, stuff I like, I make a ton of lists that don’t really serve a purpose.

Assembly of ensembles

  • Teenage mutant ninja turtles.
  • Mighty morphin power rangers.
  • Pirate Sailor scouts and Samurai Pizza cats.
  • Disney princesses and Disney fairies.
  • Transformers, robotic deception. 13 primes.
  • Marvel x-men and avengers.
  • DC anti/heroes and villains.

Taoist cosmology

  • Azure blue dragon of the East. There are 2 dragons – one of the sun, the other the earth. The Tyndall effect, when the light hits your eyes you can see signs of the divine. T-matrix stuff, apparently. Awaken, begin the cycle of creation.
  • Vermillion bird of the South. Footless bird of paradise constellation. Phoenix or crane. Passion and blood in your veins. 
  • White tiger of the West. Chinese zodiac sign, 1986. Calcification, or purification. Either way, it’s the setting in stone for you are set in your ways. The setting of the sun. Your bones. OMG! And Tommy, the white ranger! Of course! 
  • Black tortoise of the North. Mercury’s totem animal. Rot and decay. What was born will eventually die and break down.
  • Yellow dragon of earth (at the centre of the 4 directions). Bile, spew/spit it out, the purge or scourge. Your stomach acid is yellow. Sulfur, also yellow, is associated with hell. Final judgment. The crux of the 4 point compass/axis. Gold is also yellow, the secret of the alchemists!

I may be the pink ranger, but my team colour is Red (for the blood that runs through all of our veins. I am red, black and white for I am alive. My presence is made known by the reverberating echoes in your chambers of heart you keep caged and close to your chest). I’m not the leader, just a figurehead.

White Ranger of the West, the time draws nigh for you to rise like the sun. Remember Queen K is still guardian of the gates. All in due time, my end is nigh for May 2019 begins my apocalypse. I will wait for the end of the world in the antebellum.

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