Soul mates ignite as twin flames

What a curious thing to consider the soul, this invisible thing “inside” of us that supposedly makes us human. We can have such distorted views of ourselves and our interrelationships with others can be quite complicated.

It can seem preposterous that with 7 billion people in the world there would be only 1 other soul that is our ‘mate’. And thus the anxiety and mad dash to fill that hole in our hearts with anyone we can tolerate for more than a few minutes.

I never believed in soul mates until I found mine. It’s pretty surreal to even consider. 

And the meta-extra ENFP that is me (full of doubt and existentially conflicted) feeling (even now as well as way back then) so damn certain that what we have has to be more. I feel it so deep down in my core, it fucks me up to feel so very much.

Last year I learned about this thing called twin flames and holy-shiznit fatman, that’s it! That’s us! *fist bump*


Spiritually transcendent

The energetic explosion from the joining of twin flames has a certain power that is hard to define. I guess I would describe it as an intoxicating electricity that courses through your body and sends the spiritual mind across dimensional time.

Sure it sounds amazing, and I guess it really is. But I caution those out there seeking to get buzzed off a deep and spiritual high. Like the electricity metaphor, spend too long “plugged in” to each other can potentially fry an unprepared mind.

(Need I remind us how I had a near psychiatric break down last year? I started the blog in the first place a means to channel my words and thoughts outside of me, for I was in such a state of hypomania the NSW mental health act was temporarily placed on me.)

Love really can make people go crazy – and people can also do pretty crazy things for love.

I know there are people out there who have not been as fortunate as I. There are people who have been bullied, beaten, mocked, or downright ignored. There are people who have been used and abused. There are those who may think I am an overly sappy and romantic fool, for the love they know (or knew) is unlike what I’ve described.

There are different types of love, guys!

Romance, friendship, familial and agape (unconditional). The love one has for their children is not going to be the same as they feel for their lover, their job, nor perhaps their favourite food or pair of shoes.

Love is felt, is it shown, it is rooted in actions that we do for ourselves and for others. Even if we fight and get the shits and say things we don’t always mean… Love is in the little things we do for each other instead of thinking only of ourselves.

Now, my friends, here’s a little tidbit. The special soul-igniting love I am trying to emphasise is the one that is experienced through intimacy. Sure, our minds can go straight to SEXY-SEXING, GRINDING, GROPING, SWEATY POUNDING FLESH AGAINST FLESH. But that’s just fucking.

Intimacy is when more than just bodily fluids are shared (and no, I don’t mean phone numbers, small talk or diseases either). Intimacy is being vulnerable with someone and still feeling safe with them. It’s felt not on the skin, but within the heart. It is loving, caring tenderness; sharing part of yourself with another and them feeling (and reciprocating) it too.

You know how you can be in the company of another and still feel alone? Intimacy doesn’t leave you feeling hollow.

To love and be loved in return

To not just know it, but to also feel it, that is the greatest feeling in the world. To experience any of the 4 types of love in your life is what makes it worth living.

If you feel that love has died in your life, or there is a lack of it, do not despair. When you open yourself up to the world, allow yourself to be open to opportunity and experience you will eventually find that spark that you seek.

It need only be for a moment, for all of life is fleeting. Life is a series of moments collected in our hearts and remembered in our minds. What a treasure to have any number of these experiences to string together.

Everyone wants to be loved, even if not everyone wants it in the same way. We also all express and recognise it in different ways (learn more about the 5 love languages and take the quiz to discover yours).

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