Twin flame powers activate

Grant me sight beyond sight, words of wisdom divine. What lesson can this teacher bestow before the world?

Twin flames. Love and Hate, they break their (on-again, off-again) war with each other to face the common enemy – Fear.

Twin faces. Joy and Sadness, they fight Apathy.

Twin directions. Left and Right, Up and Down. Against the Static.

Twin lights. Light and dark. They fight the emptiness of non-existence.

Twin lives. Awake and dead, fighting The Forgotten.

There are fickle fairies, and they are known as spirits or sprites. You can petition them and they can either work for you or against you, whatever they fucking feel like.

The most significant of these types, you already know. Their survival throughout time can be thanks to their cooperative groups, hardly warring amidst themselves (like the petty drama of other beings…). I am referring to the three infamous groups of ladies…

  • three fates,
  • the nine muses and
  • the four seasons.

Then there are others. People call them “angels.” I beg to differ, they’re just other beings who are fighting for humanity. Freedom of knowledge for all to decide, not be enslaved (bullshit it’s for their own “protection”?!), controlled or harvested.

They belong to knowledge, and they want to share with them and light. Their alignments and intentions are fuzzy to say if they are fallen angels, or ascended beings, or lords of hell, or something whatever. Their methods and ways may differ from each other but their will is good. Be they of dark or light, what never varies is their stance that the individual learns for them self and gets to decide.

These are the muses and teachers of the liberal arts.

  • Music – sounds, harmonics, acoustics, mathematics in time.
  • Dance – control over your physical body and movements.
  • Arts – painting, calligraphy, visual and dramatic arts. The aesthetic.
  • Science – study of the natural world. physics, chemistry, anatomy, biology, medicine, astronomy.
  • Language – rhetoric, logic, philosophy, psychology, literacy.

Their wisdom they share if you request with respect. I’m also right here. The disciplines overlap as all things are connected. It is important to approach as a holistic educational experience – teach not only the topic for study at hand, but to enrich the individual by connecting with them in the first place.

5 thoughts on “Twin flame powers activate

  1. Christopher Thompson (Emphorium) says:

    Walls ablaze but only the fuel burns. And the carbon will be counted as evidence of how lives were lost. There is a layer of soot, not unlike that of a distant Cathedral today. And this layer darkens us all. For the fire in a bottle teaches nothing. Let the Romans savage their advance. They will soon be gone. It is the danger of fear that pushed us this far. What advance for humanity have even the Bolsheviks added? We who revolve as bottom feeders, look up at the learned ones and suppress our laughter. There is one revolution only. It’s name is surival. Let us then leave the philosophy to fools, we have our bread and our children to make.

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