Saying spells summons syllables

My metaschematic language of words,

meta-database of words you have heard,

a glossolalist singing lies for the herd.

Signature ligatures, symbolic lines,

symphonic semantics, cymbals and chimes.

Muscles that move in meticulous time,

Not all miraculous signs are divine.

The echo you hear, the light that you see,

the pheromones that you secretly breathe

cannot be trusted to guide your beliefs.

Master your self, guard your mind and your soul.

Hanging by heartstrings, a puppet controlled.

Your voice will be heard without tongue or lips,

We speak through our eyes that touch fingertips.

These words that I write are both truth and lies,

Contrarian proof that this world is mine.


Manipulate waves that move sound and light

beyond the spectral observable sight,

the magna carta to humanity’s

trivium opus I was sent to ignite.

Author of the ephemeral maskirovka asiakirja.

Liaison with Iasion, lex artis aevum.


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