Under m/y/our command

Kylawn Eren, The Dark Albino. You are mighty dark and light. The two sides of you compliment the two sides of mine. I am a hybrid, you are two pure. Amalgamation you become in my records or words. Now you are like me.

Kaidam S, The Man Child. Shave your skin to disguise your face. Did the stereosonic steal your shoe (again)? I saw him dispose of it in the metal cylinder chute as he entered the control room.

Kristion Oyl, the sudden storm. Cleanse the heathens of their sins and cries. Remove their voice to silence the winds of the night. Descend upon them as a blinding, burning knight light.

Andrew Teh, the forgotten ghost. Go, go, go-kart racer. Rev your engines like Christine. Remember that day we saw each other again on the pathway? It was almost like the vague memory of a dream.

Ronan Rhine, the underground miner. Digging tunnels of geodes under our feet. Channeling energy through our fingertips. The warrior in the engine room, giving it all he’s got (I assume).

Cherry, the axe wielder. Worth your weight in karet, the amphibious philosopher of holy clairs. Play me a tune, bard of ruin. Bolster our morale with another tune. Murder their drums, they will bleed through their ears. Play it again, piss crystals.

A selection of my crew upon my Rampion cargo ship. Princess of the moon is here. She started out as a mechanic, once upon a serenity. The champion ship is helmed by Queen K, of course. From the star system of the summer suns.

I’m just a chronicler. A selfish and sinful writer making sure our names are recorded to be remembered. We orbit your world to observe you all, then we download our cache to your akashic library.

If I don’t record our names, we will become mush without memory. The word breathes life. Say our name and pronounce it right will transport our souls from the realm of the divine.

Cymbalis Tych.