Fair funding for public schools

The Federal election has been called for 18th May 2019. Consider public education funding when deciding how you will cast your vote.


The way kids treat school resources is tied in with the way they see their school. Kids are more likely to respect the equipment when the books and benches and facilities aren’t falling apart.

“This school is so crap.”

Kids look to their surroundings when they are forming their identity; who they are, who they associate with, how they behave, what is acceptable and what is not. School is part of their social and emotional development, not only their cognitive development.

What does that have to do with funding? Look to the demography.

Demography is destiny.

Kids see the schools as not caring about them, so why should they care? They’re not developed enough to understand it’s beyond what is immediately before them. They don’t see the political game that happens in parliament.

Trickle down ‘economics’.

Even if it has nothing to do with funding, even if this is all just a political scam to get people to conform to some idealised left wing agenda… We’ve gotta give a shit enough to just have the conversation at home.

Even in your head.

What can we do (as little insignificant minions) to ensure our offspring have a fighting chance to climb a little higher than we ever could?


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  1. Tim Willow says:

    They emulate their parents minds as they formulate their identities, overhead kitchen cynicism, secret drunken abuses, insulting families and other people under the guise of a joke, all the little things add into a modern despair, when we have everything,pretend it’s nothing too well (too good at pretending) so it becomes ruined

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