Rumour has it the enemy is me

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me.

Instead of making friends, all I make are frenemies.

Enmity concealed behind generalised amity.

No enmore theatre showcases apathetic antipathy.

Neon nobility in a skein, drink mead in a park.

Paper bag princess, hark, a stegagraphic tyrant.

Kimberly, the pink ranger. Gate keeper of the heart.

Arrest the cardiac criminal. Adam’s rib cage fights in the dark.

Mind games are war crimes.

Tribulation retribution. Broken seals of revelations.

Lights are glaring, trumpets blaring.

I’m not afraid. I’m right here.

The gloves are off, terror dactyl. Pterodactyl without wings.

Stand trial, listen to the witnesses bear their testimony.

Neffex addresses the rumours surrounding the accused.

Neffex – Rumours (full lyrics)

John Butler counters the claim, providing context with his recount of Kimberly and the cowboys on the plains.

John Butler Trio – Kimberly (full lyrics)

How quaint, to imagine they sing of me. But it is instead I who manipulate this vision that you see when you read.

Does that make me criminal? To dare to hope to dream?

To reunite your broken parts on the horizon shoreline between the heavens and seas.

Take my hand, come and dance with me.

This is not a trap, you were always free to leave.

Remember the words I told you, be wary of deceit.

Two hands holding onto jealousy, your tears demanded I suffer a worthy fate.

Drag me down and across town, my name in the mud.

Hold me under holy water, cleanse my memory of your burning hate.

I drown.

Release the peace dove as it falls down the sky in flight.

Peter Joseph, my father, stands at the gates. Fortune favours the bold.

I guess I’m just lucky I’m already a star.

I am Sol, the sun. The fire of light in the eternal night.

There’s still several billion years left in me to light your way to ascend eternity.

6 thoughts on “Rumour has it the enemy is me

  1. Ron says:

    For starters I am not an frenemies I am an enigma of paradoxical dimensions. I reached out my hand… Nonetheless this is one of your greatest symphonies of words that you have conducted in quite awhile. Damn good . I will reblog it later this afternoon.

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