Ante, Antigenesis.

In the belly of a beast in the middle of the sea. I was protected for a little in the belly of big bertha. Up there in the atmosphere, uncle had me split in 2 to hide my truth from the duplicitous spies named Ever and Here.

via Antigenesis – the beginning of the end of the new world

Sometimes we need to go back to the beginning to see how we ended up so far from where we thought we would be.

Above is the link to my version of the world’s beginning. Love is the key to returning order to the chaos of this world.

Hanging around the world tree, Yggdrasil, with my darlings 3 reminded me of this piece of writing. The Echo, the Storm, and the youngest bitter Pill.

This keeper of keys is playing for keeps.

Kalliope is the chief of the muses. I may inspire others, but it is much more exhausting to hold on to my dreams.

I am Kim. Initialise KAT or KAL. KATL. A sacred bovine, or pig (a pink sacrilege).

I know the ways. Grab your keys and get ready to drive in my lane.

Wolfgang (metalinguist of the black and the white keys with whom, on Instagram, I have been speaking) inspired these words from me.

Poetry, oh poetry. These words are of me but they are not me.

I am sound. I am song.

I am vibrations both weak and strong.

I am heard, vaguely remembered.

I am unseen, but I am felt.

I am forgotten. They (you) said they (you) would never forget.

I am a will o the wisp. I am light. I test the seeker if they worthy to survive the dark of the night.

This morning I dined, for breakfast, in the cafe Whispers.

Echo needs sound to live. Likely why I am so loud. Hear me across the seas singing echolalia.

Oh brother, where art thou? Soundspirit awakens.

Continue the story. The adventure awaits. The fire might die, but each ember we remember can reignite the scarlet blaze.

One quarter of the year, each wheel of the year has four turns. As spring awakes in the north, the South enters the nocturne.

4 thoughts on “Ante, Antigenesis.

  1. Ron says:

    Ships arrive at the shores of Aeaea ruled by Kimcirce daughter of Nun, father Autolycus, son of Poseidon. Feeding those who arrive at her gates a magical black herb that turns men into pigs. Always seeking counsel with Teiresias who lives in the belly of the beast. Returning from the nether world she eventually falls in love with her craftiness and turns pigs back into men.
    I set sail now for the temples of Ur to sit at the base of Anu cloaked with the counsel of Autolycus to do battle with parables where I was once a pig beseech eating the lotus that blinded my nature. The Ides of March unfurled my sails to cause me to turn in another direction. To regain control of the armies of Agamemnon. Battling with the giants that sprouted out of the ground to bare children I do not know at the Temples of Ur. Men who have rims of sapphires that blind your eyes.

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